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Skullface-big.jpg Surprise! you're dead!

Ha ha! open your eyes

See the world as it used to be when you used to be in it

When you were alive and when you were in love

And when I took it from you!





Skull Face was once a peaceful, noble savage from Wiksik who spent his days in idle tranquil. His biggest headache was ensuring a steady supply of the sacred weed for his pipe. Then the outsiders arrived, tramping across the island and leaving devastation in their wake. Sacred sites were defiled. Women and children were murdered. Treasures were stolen. Appeals were made to outsider authorities. There was no justice for the natives of Shartak.

Skull Face set aside his pipe and the sacred weed. He consumed large quantities of the sacred mushrooms and sought guidance from the ancestors. The ancestors told him what he had to do. Skull Face painted his face for war and took up his weapons...

The outsiders must die, their heads shall decorate Skull Face's hut!


The ancestors tell of past times when outsiders came to Shartak. There was no common ground. Negotiation with the outsiders was impossible. It was 'kill or be killed'. As it was so shall it be...

...Skull Face is a Wicksick Headhunter, a term applied to those who follow the ancient philosophy and art of headhunting. He relaxes by doing a spot of fishing; he is a member of the Kraken Hunters clan.


Simon The outsider who originally discovered Shartak and thus destroyed the peaceful native Utopia.
Dr. Livingstone An explorer who interrupted a Wicksick Ceremony. He now knows what it's like to take a central part in a Wicksick Ceremony.
0000FF Beard A pirate's pirate and a fine addition to any shrunken head collection.
Blackbeard Well known for murdering the natives of Dalpok.
First Among Daves Leader of notorious pirates the Brotherhood of the Coast.
Serious Sam A wide-mouthed trophy that will be used to scare small children. The favourite of all the trophies claimed during The Dork Cup.
Rozen Another leader of the Brotherhood of the Coast. This trophy shows a strange sloping forehead...
Warboss Brakzkul 100th official outsider kill.
Bauer The Chicken Of York. In battle instead of fighting he runs around squawking like a frightened chicken. His decapitated head shows a pronounced wattle.
Adolf Schwarznigger Racist filfth. His head will be used as a target by village children learning to aim in the latrine trench.
Catalina Psychotic killer of innocent natives.


Marvin Diseased son of an outsider and a monkey.
Cthulhu Interrupted a Wicksick Ceremony on Midway Island.
Glenn Danzig Killed members of the Kraken Hunters during a hunt.
T Bones The sole Durham defender to find Skull Face during the 2008 Spring X-Games.


isaac99764 Psychotic who kills his own kind.
Armadox A native who kills his own kind for sport. Admirable skills but lacking in focus.


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Lord-of-the-trees.jpg Noble Savage
Skull Face is a proud Native.

Headhunter small.gif Headless Outsider Initiative
Skull Face actively supports the Headless Outsider Initiative.

Standrews-flag.JPG Scottish
This user is proudly Scottish.

Kraken-small.jpg Kraken Hunter
Skull Face supports the mighty Kraken Hunters.

Kotirc-small.gif Knights of the IRC Channel
Skull Face is a Knight of the IRC Channel.