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The Headless Outsider Initiative (HOI) is a pro-native philosophy that promotes native villages as outsider-free zones. Since their arrival on Shartak the outsiders have killed natives with impunity. In order to keep villages free and safe for natives this initiative advocates the active hunting and killing of any outsider found in the vicinity(*) of a native village.

The following procedure should be adhered to:

  1. If the outsider is one whom you have on your contacts list and is a known friendly, feel free to ignore them... or not.
  2. Attack the outsider with your preferred weapon until they are almost dead. Deliver the killing blow (when they are at 3 HP or less) with a machete in order to remove their head.
  3. Speak to the newly-created outsider spirit (who can hear your words when the outsider is dead) and tell them that they are unwelcome amongst the natives of Wiksik / Dalpok / Raktam / Shartak.
  4. Use the emotes speech facility to describe taking their head as a trophy e.g. /me hacks off the corpse's head and dances in celebration.

In short, kill all outsiders unless they have definitely been identified as a friendly (and, at your discretion, even if they have been identified as a friendly).

Example of HOI in action:

Yauie says “My name is Yauie and I'm here on a journey of exploration and peace. I wish you no harm.”
You say “My name is Skull Face and I'm a Wicksick Headhunter. Your head is very pretty...”
Skull Face thumbs the edge of his machete...
You say “Oh mighty ancestors! My thanks for the gift of this outsider head! Your munificence knows no bounds!”
Skull Face cleanly removes the head with a freshly-sharpened machete then dances a small jig, spattering the walls with blood drops...

If your character or clan supports the Headless Outsider Initiative please use the "Headless Outsider Initiative" template box on your group or personal page by adding {{HeadlessOutsiderInitiative}} to the text of your page.

(*) Vicinity is usually defined as a circle of radius 166 jungle blocks centred on the village shaman. However different native clans and dialects have different meanings for this word. Outsiders are advised to check with their native guides and translators to determine the optimum safe distance from a native settlement(**).

(**) The meaning of settlement also varies according to native clan and dialect. Definitions of settlement might be a village or wherever a native happens to be sleeping, smoking herbs or sitting around a campfire comparing trophy heads with fellow headhunters.