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Wailers|-style="background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center;" Ghost.jpg|-style="background-color: #c3ddc3; text-align: center;" In-game page
Leadership: Roger Wilco and Ancestor Ghost
Members: Closed, clan disbanded
Goals: Chase away the living!
Recruitment policy: send us a short letter of application
Contact: Talk page or PM lama or Wifey on the forums


The Wailers are a unique group that accepts solely the souls (har har) of the deceased--or any elemental spirits of the jungle, should any be about. Being able to wail is not a prerequisite, of course; screams, shrieks, and even just intimidating whispers are just fine. Members are by no means prohibited from temporarily entering the world of the living in corporeal form, but it is encouraged that most of their time be spent as a spirit.


13:05, 26 June 2006 (UTC) - Wailers' number grows and we welcome new memeber.

02:03, 30 May 2006 (BST) - Yay! We have an official clanpage now - you can see it here.

22:36, 11 June 2007 (UTC) - Clan disbanded. Farewell!

The Story

Long ago, at the birth of the world, before man or beast ever stood on the land or swam in the sea, there were spirits. Elemental spirits flitted about invisibly and curiously from hte dawn of time. When the first strange creatures began to appear in the ocean, they looked on with interest. When the first amphibians crawled up to explore the shore, they silently urged them on in amusement.

Shartak, for some reason likely only known to the oldest and wisest of shamans (if known at all to mortals), has, from the beginning, housed an incredible amount of these elemental spirits. They were there, certainly, far longer than man. When man did arrive, they merely looked on with curiosity, occasionally interacting with those few who could detect them (those who would, in later generations, be known as shamans). When men first began to die on the island (from disease, wild beasts, and their own brothers' hands), the elemental spirits were shocked to find their number increased with new spirits. These newcomers were not precisely like the elemental spirits, but were accepted, in time, and even granted the same veneration as their ancient cousins.

With the coming of more men, however, the elemental spirits are beginning to grow angry. There are too many of them now. The jungle is being chopped and burned to the ground, and new spirits are joining them at record rates. Balance has been entirely thrown off, and it is time for ancestors and elemental spirits to set things right again.

It is time to wail all men off the island.

Obey The Rules

Joining the Wailers means foregoing life. Possesed and boiling with anger, you have but one aim: remove all life from the island. As a toy in the mighty hands of the Spirits, even revive shall not stop you from spreading their will--that is to say, the ruthless killing any native, pirate, or outsider you happen upon.

As many of your characters as you want may become Wailers, but remember - zerg not, else you will regret it till the end of the days.

More to come on membership soon