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Wifey, as he is jokingly nicknamed, came ashore in the shipwrecked pirateship, the Hell-born Strumpet, on which he was (and still is) the Gunner. Though he was originally interested only in blood, rum, plunder, and wenches (as any good pirate should be), he has since taken a liking to Shartak's one mountain. Finding no name marked on it anywhere, he has decided simply to call it "home," and leave it at that. His lust for blood, plunder, rum, and wenches continues, however; natives beware of the pirate roaming above and below the mountain.

He is now the leader and founder of the Mountaineers

Current Task: Returning to the ship for booze and weapons, then it's back to the mountains


Sigfrid Süßermann, a simple German crewman of the Hell-born Strumpet, has not found any sort of love for the island that he's been stranded on; rather, he despises it. He has been able to make roughly companionable relations with the non-pirate outsiders (though he has always maintained a jeering sort of attitude toward them), but never yet with one of the many "savages" on this god-forsaken rock. Sigfrid's only joys thusfar have been sitting in his cabin and reading (which has often received odd looks and remarks, given the common illiteracy of his crewmates), raiding the villages of the savages, and, oddly enough, studying the ruins of what might have been a more civilised people. He has taken a profound interest, particularly, in the statue of the god found in the temple ruins south of the stranded ship, and he has been trying to find other such statues in ruins as he travels between villages.

Current Task: Razing Wiksik


Jabberwockee is a Raktam villager, and proud of it. Before the shaman, Najdam, had left to journey freely throghout Shartak, Jabberwockee was one of his apprentices. A strong and impulsive boy from the beginning, Jabberwockee had taught himself to fight, while Najdam taught him to speak with the spirits. Jabberwockee has taken a very passive role these day, however, serving Raktam by seeing to the sick and wounded, pleading evil spirits to leave his people alone, and only fighting in defense of the village--all while waiting and hoping that Najdam will return. He currently resides in Wurzug's healing hut, but frequently visits his friend and fellow apprentice, Azguz.

Current Task: Healing and defending in Raktam

Ancestor Ghost

Ancestor Ghost. Co-Leader of the Wailers. Working on the details. I'll write more when I don't feel so lazy.