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Arrr! All this talk o' wenches and giving natives smallpox has piqued me interest, matey! Count me in!--Wifey 06:34, 28 March 2006 (BST)

Avast! Ye Jolly Roger, she be a mite large. With yer blessin' I reckon I can shrink it down a tad and place it fancy like in yer clanbox. --Lint 03:28, 29 March 2006 (BST)

Tcho Arr Everett or whatever his name is is with the Royal Expedition. I thought he was with us? His name is on the manifest. I don't know... Captain Dan/Surgeon

- Mr. Everett is a member of the crew as there is precedent in other cases of persons who hold dual citizenship with many nations.

Glad to see the Vendetta

Ahoy! Captian glad to see that ya finally attacking those anti-pirate Yorkers. I be having some o my men heading south, Ya can trust them ta help ya out.--Michael edwards 00:26, 3 October 2006 (UTC)

We'll be waiting for you seadogs. Can't wait to kill the Captain for the Third Time. I'm waiting for you Captain Dan. The Headhunters got you this time but you won't escape that easily. As for the JRG, we'll be ready to cut them to pieces just like we did to the MG pirates. See you in York!--SeriousSam

Treachery in the clan

Captain Whitney and all other clan members, my name is kjacobso ( and I am a loyal member of the Scurvey Crew. On 08/18/2006 I was ruthlessly attacked and murdered by a fellow crew member, Sigfrid ( This attack was unprovoked and I ask that appropriate action be taken. Here is an ingame-shot ( Thank you.

Yarr, I been paid by Gandhi of the Royal Expedition to aid in destabilizing ye crew. The leader of the mutiny be Johnny Bullocks. B4ll54ck kill3r 18:28, 4 October 2006 (UTC)

I can assure you the Royal Expedition had no such intentions, and I nor any other member of the RE ever paid B4ll54ck_kill3r to destabilize your Crew. B4ll54ck_kill3r has defaced the Royal Expedition wiki multiple times and has spread lies and rumors about RE members. I speak for the Royal Expedition when I say B4ll54ck_kill3r is a menace and has not a single metric unit of truth or honor in his bones. We are currently trying to ban him from the wiki to prevent lies about other clans from being spread and causing more damage. Gandhi 21:03, 5 October 2006 (UTC)

Gandhi be the very man who paid me to do 'uch deeds! He put a 50 coin 'ounty on me 'ead. B4ll54ck kill3r 15:49, 8 October 2006 (UTC)

Any mutineers will have to go through me and half the crew to reach the Cap'n. And Gandhi, if I find anything different from what you say, you will see me after the raid. Captain Dan

I assure you Captain, I have never paid nor will ever pay B4ll54ck kill3r to harm a pirate, native, outsider, or anything for that matter. Why would I pay him to kill either you or any other crew member when I can do so completely under my own ability?! I would be deeply offended if you took B4ll54ck kill3r's word over mine, especially given the current peace between the Scurvy Crew and the Royal Expedition. Gandhi 17:51, 10 October 2006 (UTC)

And who are we to believe Gandhi? You or one of our own? Would you believe me other one such as LessThenLethal or another of your brothers? And does it not say in your Wiki profile that you specalize in Espionage? That, if I am not mistaken, is the act of spying, spreading disorder and destabilizing the enemy? Quite honestly, I don't believe you, and I don't want to either. I value pirates over outsiders, especialy Yorkmen, who are known for their prejudice against our kind. So, in short, why in all of the rumless hell should we believe you or your group? Captain Dan

Oh, and you mentioned it being in your ability to slay me? I seriously doupt that any Yorkman will ever outskill a Man of the Strumpet and certainly will never outfight me and escape with his life. And, speaking for myself and not the Crew, I don't trust you at all. Captain Dan

Captain, I can assure you that the Royal Expedition has no need or desire to engage in such underhanded activity against your clan. --Less Than Lethal 20:59, 12 October 2006 (UTC)

One of your own kind? If you check the history of your own wiki, you will learn that B4ll54ck kill3r was once a member of the Scurvy Crew, then suddenly left the clan to join the Jolly Roger Gang, and then left that clan to remain independent. I wonder how you can call this man "one of your own." And as to me being able to kill you Captain Dan, I am referring to the discourse we had on the Western Isle during the conflict between our clans. I killed you once, but only while the conflict was escalating. Once you returned to the Isle, I had the opportunity to take you and Tyler Whitney out with my sword, but instead used diplomacy. Our clans found common ground in securing the Western Isle as a safe haven to all citizens of Shartak. Do our peaceful efforts mean nothing to you? I have no desire to harm the Scurvy Crew or any of its member. If you cannot see that, I consider all of the constructive work to make the Western Isle a peaceful haven for all nothing but a waste of time. Please realize what you are suggesting, and that B4ll54ck kill3r is merely a lying nuisance that should be banned from the wiki and Shartak. Gandhi 23:35, 12 October 2006 (UTC)

The Yorkman asked me to comment and you'll be able to see my response in the next issue. Basically, I'm saying why the hell we should believe a guy who says he was paid to kill us? I also highly doubt him given the admirable display of bare-knuckled diplomacy that resulted in the Non-Aggression Zone around New Tortuga/"Unity Island." And if they wanted to hit us I'd like to think one of the oldest and largest outsider groups on the island would have the huevos to do the dirty work themselves. Not hire some clanless joker to pk the nearest Scurvy Crew member and make an ass of himself on the wiki. Mr. Dan, your eagerness to protect a percieved member of the crew from slander is admirable, but consult with your other crewmates before threatening violence with another clan. Tyler Whitney 12:12, 13 October 2006 (UTC)

I was not threatening the RE, but more or less Gandhi. As for this matter, my pride is hurt, but it also demands an apology. Gandhi, too you I offer an apology for my rudeness which could have destroyed what careful negotiations had built. To the Captain, I offer an apology for straying into matters outside that of a Surgeon's duty or a Surgeon's knowledge. And too the RE, I hope I never have to talk to any member of the group again, as all I can manage is unnneeded aggression. And as for you, B4ll54ck kill3r, I stood up for you and lost some of my honour. As far as I am concerned, you are no longer one of my blood brothers. I will say no more on the matter, as a Surgeon should not care or be needed in the running of a Ship, esspecialy one as dignified as the Strumpet. Again, my apologies to all... Captain Dan

Thank you for seeing the true nature of this conflict. To Captain Dan, in retrospect I too offer my apologies for the unkind exchanges made both here and on the Western Isle. In the context of war or conflict, it's easy to forget who your opponents are and to treat them with respect. I can ensure that any further discourse between the Scurvy Crew and I will be nothing but tasteful and professional. Gandhi 14:45, 14 October 2006 (UTC)


Captain Dan here. I decided that we ought to have some way to keep up on the other groups so we can neutralize threat, keep alliances going and the such that the Captain could look at quickly and help decide what to do next. Just add your bit of info.

  • A new group called the "Pirate Hunters". Small and new, no need to worry, but maybe we should deal with it before it becomes a problem. I can't locate it though, maybe we could hire the mercenart Guild... Captain Dan

As has already been elaborated on, the Captain has invoked the right of Parley with one anti-pirate group (although they have yet to respond). There is the possibility that New Tortuga may become a pan-Shartak summit of interested Pirate and Outsider groups who wish to determine each others' exact allegiances and spheres of influence. More on this possibility to come...

The Route to Raktam

Aye, note from the Boatswain - as we are going to burn down Raktam, the route from the deck is 58 paces due SE,145 paces E and 15 paces SE

Why Raktam? Why not Dalpok? Is not Dalpok closer? And we already have a road leading straight to Dalpok from the ship! It's scarcely two days' walk.--Wifey 23:14, 23 April 2006 (BST)
As it wasn't my decision I am only giving the route... talk to the Captain for details.--Xintlaer

Impersonation of the Captain

Captain, some mangy dog has called himself 'Tyler Whitey' in a cheap impersonation of yourself. Do you know anything about this? Captain Dan

"Tyler Whitey" merely be ICDIF with lifts to make him appear taller and more threatening and, hrm... "Stuffing" to disguise his other obvious inadequacies.

The Battle of Dalpok

Argh, having just joined the Scurvy Crew meself, I'm proud t' report me first kill for you lads is none other than Xyu. I nabbed him just off the road to Dalpok. We've set up a bit of a camp, and are guerilla-ing it back and forth. - Wolverine.

Well done! Xyu is also the name of a player who started the Mal Tour 06 in Urban Dead. Well done! Captain Dan/Surgeon

Wow! I was going to mention that I was wondering if it was him, but I thought it best not to mention UD as if everyone played it, because that would be bad form. I hope it was him, though such a legend should have had more skills than Close Combat and Advanced CC. -Wolverine

Secured a hut to the very South West. Moving to take control of their armoury. Captain Dan/Surgeon

Bugger. I took one out then got hit. Will be at the hut soonish I hope. -Wolverine

Armoury secured. Need more men. Whos supposed to be leading the raid? Captain Dan/Surgeon

Yarr, Cap'n, I've come to bolster your security. All priates heading to Dalpok, get to the South West most hut. Tis offering good protection. Do we have a forum for this sort of thing? -Wolverine

Blow me away, I be not a good geography plotter! The hut we are all in is somewhere along the western side. The armourie is captured, but can't be defended. I NEED MORE MEN TO HELP ME!!! As this is also to get our name recognised, I've been writing on all the Empty Huts "Hut has been taken by the Men of the Strumpet!" (Do pirates have medals? 'Cause I damn well diserve one!!!) Captain Dan/Surgeon

To anyone in Dalpok, aim for the Shaman!!! Captain Dan/Surgeon


Excellent work on the raid! The Captain would will that it continue, except that since there's no way to really occupy a village due to the presence of the shamen. There's also been a flood of new crew members (at the rate of 1-2 a day) since the clans feature was upgraded. To encourage further additions to the ranks, and so the Natives in Wicksick and Raktam don't start thinking that the Scurvy Crew is a "Dalpok problem" we're going to take advantage of our new numbers and start attacking other villages. Two weeks is long enough for a raid anyhow. The Captain is open to suggestions as to which should be our next target. Something with an established group of defenders (like the Wicksick Headhunters or Raktamites) would seem most likely.- Captain Tyler Whitney

A possibility that has been brought up by members of the crew who shall remain nameless is that the Scurvey Crew's next raid should be an outsider village. Why? Because we're pirates. Yar... This would have a large effect on the crew and relations between pirates and outsiders as a whole. Many crew members who have only recently signed up might be less willing to attack their outsider cousins than the stinking natives. Attacking York or Deby would also make it more difficult for any pirate to travel or trade there. The Captain wills that the matter be opened to debate within the crew.

It has also been suggested that we start charging protection money from villages we don't raid, or that we continue raiding them until we are paid. The Captain has already grown quite fond of this idea, but would like to hear from the rest of the crew. There are other matters to consider, such as (most importantly) how much do we charge? Which representatives will pay us and who will collect the loot? In true pirate fashion the Captain would collect and distribute whatever booty collected, but how would we decide on each pirate's share? Discuss... -Captain Tyler Whitney

Perhaps in true pirate fashion, the Captain could divvy out an arbitrary amount in advance to each pirate, or pay each pirate for their service upon the initiation of village-pillaging activities. After that, pillaging would continue until locals have given the Captain enough gold to persuade him to call off the raid. So if one local wanted to cover for all the rest, they could pay a full amount. If no local wanted to pay, the raid would continue until the Captain got bored. A friendly pirate crew might give advance warning, e.g., "we're going to raid York next Friday, and kill everyone in the Colonial Police, unless the Captain receives 45 gc by Thursday midnight..." --Tycho44 07:53, 15 June 2006 (BST)

I have asked this on the page, but do I count as a senior member? I believe that I fought harder then most in Dalpok, only being beaten by the Captain and equaled with Wolverine. I would not fail you, and would not require any reward for my service. I am a Surgeon, I know, but... you decide Captain...

I belive it is wrong to upset the Pirate/Outsider balance. It would be stupid and unnescary to annoy such powerful adversarys. Natives r one thing, but outsiders... It would be silly.

Captain Dan/ Surgeon

Pirate on Pirate crime Policy

Garr, does the captain have a policy regarding fellow pirates who slaughter our crew? --b4ll54ck kill3r

Why do you ask? Captain Dan/Surgeon

I was killed by ICDFIFiringSquad, a fellow pirate. b4ll54ck kill3r

The mangy dog be back? I fought I took all the fight out of him when I ripped his balls off in our previous encounter. Just ignore em, and kill em if yee can! Captain Dan/Surgeon

I'd normally say Pirate v. Pirate brawling is between the two pirates but ye have liberty to murder Firingsquad if ye wish it. -The Captain.

October 24, 2006 - James Norrington had the dastardly nerve to attack me in the hold of our very own ship.

I encourage all good Strumpet men to seek this man out and kill him.

A Bounty on my Head?

I had just reached York, and some guy called oden147(not sure if the number is right) attacked me saying there me a bounty on my here head. Any one got any imfomation on this? Captain Dan/Surgeon

See Order of Patriots#Bounties. According to the talk page, oden184 claimed your kill and was paid for it. — Elembis (talk) 19:37, 27 June 2006 (UTC)

== additon by Anne Bonney == not knowing how else to communicate what has occurred see Stortebecker is a pirate killer, he has killed an even dozen - including most recently our little 'borntokill' - and as such I killed him. I know nothing of the badhammer case.- (moved by the captain from the front page to discussion)

Dalpok Raid

I didn't know if we should keep this tally as part of the crew's history or not. If anyone wanted to see how many each crewmember has killed they could always just look at their profile so it seemed less important. In any case each raid's total will be a permenant part of the main page.

Just set this up so we could keep track of how many natives we get on THIS trip to Dalpok. Put your count next to your name. Captain Dan/Surgeon

Tyler Whitney: Total is now five with many more bloodied in the night.

Johny Bollocks:

Rob Cath: 6


Captain Dan: 7 (10 times dead!!! Coming back to the Strumpet to guard it.)

Rob Da Blade: 5 (Not one death so far!)

Xintlaer: That'll be 9 mateys...


Wolverine: 4 (Tis funny how we run so hard into battle after dying)

Baron Von Roeboat:



Tycho "Yarr" Everett: 0 (altho one native looked nigh unto fainting in terror when I lay into the trader with my driftwood)

Born to Kill:

Dr Capitalism:

Crimson Jake:


Anne Bonny: 5


OpiumJoe: 4

Irene: 1

Before the raid

Be sure to check out the next Pirates of the Carribbean movie. If only to improve your pirate vocabulary, savvy?

During the last raid several pirates hid in the high grass west of Dalpok to pounce on the village like lions in the savanna before withdrawing at the end of the day. The benefits of this were that it would take a dedicated tracker to follow the footsteps back to a bloody, sleeping pirate. This of course means one must spend more ap charging into the village and withdrawing each day but it usually means fewer pirate deaths. The Captain only died two or three times during the entire Dalpok raid!

It also be the Captain's will that the crew use wandering shamans (shamen?) exclusively during this raid to cut down on time spent running through the jungle.


Wondering if you fellows would like to subscribe to this umbrella group? All we live for is organizing raids on Natives and stealing their gold! --Maestro Raider 18:20, 6 July 2006 (UTC)

Tis not my place to say, but it twould be rude not to respond. I'm sure that the Captain would be pleased to have your group as an alliance or something of the likes. Please wait for the Captain to respond before making any assomtions, but I'm pretty sure he would welcome the friendship. Captain Dan/Surgeon

Congratulations for killing Foo Fighter

Captain Dan managed to kill me yesterday, after I chopped him down to 30 HP and fell asleep for some reason. When he logged in, he payed me back in the same currency and sent me to the spirits. My congratulations for that one. Maybe the captain may mention as well that he got chopped down short time afterwards by a fellow headhunter, Crotchbat, who had followed my newsgroup warcry.--Foo Fighter 16:43, 13 July 2006 (UTC)

Its good to see some civilised brutal killers amongsted the natives. My congratulations to Crotchbat. He is a continuing nuisance and a worthy foe, and so is my nest target. I hope to see ye both in Wiksik. And yes I was cut down, but death is nothing to me. I fight for the pure reason to die and come back to fight for the crew. Captain Dan/Surgeon Let it be known, I am no Captain. I serve Tyler Whitney and the rest of the crew, and do not wish to be Captain.

Well, if we want to go into technicalities - I am not the fucking leader of the WickSick Headhunters; we are egalitarian and go to great lengths to avoid leaders. Thank you. --Foo Fighter 17:48, 14 July 2006 (UTC)

I avoid being called a Captain because I am not and I have no wish to be. And if ye wish to be using language like that, save it for the raid, ye rumless, monkey fucking native. Captain Dan/Surgeon

There is a difference between swearing and calling someone a sodomist, but you don't seem to get it. --Foo Fighter 12:18, 15 July 2006 (UTC)

I have no idea what sodomist is, but I'll take as an insult. I'll see you in Wiksik. Captain Dan/Surgeon

Pirate drawing ritual in Wiksik

That was very cute natives... I am a little disappointed that things seem to have gotten personal between certain members and their native counterparts. We do not hold anything against the natives personally. They are merely our natural prey. After all, what peace can there be between sheep and lions? As for rarely seeing us, well wiksik isn't exactly a thriving metropolis. Hardly anybody seems to be lingering outside and most of the huts are empty. That's not quite the experience we had in Dalpok where there were over a dozen natives lingering at the shaman or around the village at any given time. The goal of Scurvy Crew raids is also not one of occupation, merely murder and plundering. Crewmembers are encouraged to pounce on the natives, then withdraw back into the jungle to spend the rest of the day drinking rum and sharpening their cutlasses. This might explain to the easily confused why there's no permenant Scurvy Crew presence in the village. - The Captain

A pity you deleted all of the ritual, so the context of your letter will remain unknown. We never expected you to occupy Wiksik. The purpose was to attract and kill more of your kind, since we got a bit bored. And it just worked well, seeing how one of your underlings fell to the machete of Wambayak yesterday and yourself to my machete today. --Foo Fighter 09:50, 28 July 2006 (UTC)

The Case of Mr. Badhammer

Stoertebecker says "Tyler Whitney. You are the respected leader of a good clan, but yet you host a zerger using the names 'Badhammer' withing your ranks. Continue to do so and none of your deeds will get any recognition." (2006-06-15 14:01) Stoertebecker says "" (2006-06-15 14:02) Stoertebecker says "Correct your clan before others have to do it." (2006-06-15 14:02)

The Captain does not generally respond favorably to threats, and questions any foreign influence's authority to punish a member of the crew. Still, he is appreciative that the multiple character abuse of Mr. Badhammer has been brought to light, evidence has been provided, and the Crew has been given an opportunity to address the matter themselves before any other action is taken. If one were to recall all previous announcements of the clan at no time was zerging promoted or encouraged. Captain Whitney would normally decide that this was a personal offense to be corrected by the parties assaulted by the zerg, but since it was done during an official raid of The Scurvy Crew putative measures shall be taken.


You are hereby stripped of your rank as Quartermaster until such time as you can demonstrate the removal of the zerg and after a reasonable period of good conduct. You are henceforth demoted to the rank of Able Bodied Seaman. You are also commanded to report to the deck of the Strumpet by Saturday morning to be flogged, 50 lashes with the cutlass. If you do not report to the deck any member of the Crew has liberty to kill Mr. Badhammer once, but only once. If one examines him and discovers that another member of the crew has already punished him he is to remain unharmed. In any case it is recomended that Mr. Badhammer report to the Strumpet for his lashes to preserve his own, and The Scurvy Crew's, reputation and honor. After which this matter shall be considered concluded and Mr. Badhammer will be free to rejoin the crew and resume his duties of drinking, plundering, and murder. Any further retaliation against Mr. Badhammer by any agent shall be considered an offense against the Scurvy Crew as a whole. If Mr. Badhammer continues his zerging he shall be expelled from the Scurvy Crew in disgrace.

It is the Captain's wish that this matter set precedent for the punishment of any similar offences. Evidence must be provided, and the Crew given opportunity to administer their own discipline.

Mr. Cath, the Sailing Master, has informed the Captain that Mr. Badhammer reported to the deck of the Strumpet and has taken his lashes. With this offense now punished the case of Mr. Badhammer shall be considered closed. If any member of the crew sees fit to give Mr. Badhammer a pint of rum to ease his suffering the Captain will look the other way...

I, Badhammer, of th' hell born strumpet, 'ave taken m' lashes. then i got good n drunk on rum t' f'rget that i had let down m' cap'n. at some point in th' night, i b'lieve th' 12th bottle o' rum, i cut off m' left hand and threw it to Mr. Cath an' offered him a hand whenever 'e needs one. i drank some more rum, asked for a cirgeon an' passed out a bloody drunken wreck of a pirate. i woke th' next day, to have found squidgey, th' killer, had hit me for 3 damage and informed me that i now had a rusty meathook for my left hand. th' next day captain dan, fixed me up wit' a real surg-ery. OI! he even gave m' different attachment fer m' hand. a cutlass, a hook, a harpoon, a knuckle duster. I have paid fer m' crime. An' m' crew will not be let down, i will kill more natives in the wiksik raid than any of you. even if i have to stay there for a month, oh yes, there will be blood. when the raid is over, i will talk wit' th' cap'n about getting my job back as quartermaster.--Badhammer 13:39, 7 July 2006 (UTC)

OI!!! cap'n can I get m' job back as Quartermaster? i took m' punishment an' i rallied the lot o' th' crew into the pillagin' dogs o' war we be. an my cutlass be loyal t' yer orders. i am more scurvy of a dog than jus' an able bodied sea man, i be a master o' quarters an such. yarrr. i be seein ye' at new toruga mate.--Badhammer 04:45, 30 August 2006 (UTC)

Bring the Crew 5 ears of native pirate-killers and you can resume your former duties. Ears in this case being links to their profiles demonstrating they kill pirates and the standard timestamps proving you killed them. There'll be plenty of opportunities for this in Dalpok or anywhere else you wish to go.-The Captain

The Yorkman - New Tortuga

We're interested in running a story on the current situation regarding New Tortuga in the second issue of the Yorkman (to be published around 1st sept). If any of you, espcially Captains Whitney or Dan, are willing to answer some questions about the island, your plans for it, and negotiations and relations with the Royal Expedition and the Discordians, please e-mail us in the next few days. -- The Yorkman 14:28, 26 August 2006 (UTC)

The Jolly Roger Gang's raid on Dalpok

Ahoy Captain! My Gang of pirates has planned a raid on dalpok. We have a large deal of pirates marching on Dalpok next week,I would like to invite any of your crew members who might be around to partake in the pillage.--Michael edwards 00:17, 31 August 2006 (UTC)

Natives Killed List: Wicksick Raid

Tyler Whitney: The Captain, in what can only be described as an act of thrilling heroics, slew Foo Fighter just as he was about to finish off Mr. Kill, the Cabin Boy. In real-time!! With Mr. Kill down to his last four hitpoints and Foo Fighter with a full 85! The Captain is more than pleased to mark this as his sixth kill of the Wicksick Raid.

It seems the Wicksick Antidote Trust is guided less by a chief than by an even more uncivilized "communal" existence. As such Foo Fighter is merely one of the more active members. Not that this should interrupt our toasting his death...

As of the night of the 20th Your Captain has killed 7 Wicksickers

Johny Bollocks:

Rob Cath:


Captain Dan: 6

Rob Da Blade:

Xintlaer: *... eight of them ended up in Davy Jones locker...



Baron Von Roeboat:

badhammer: since th' floggins i've been hungry fer some native blood t' prove m'self to th' cap'n again. i will kill 20 natives an' their shaman before i leave wiksik! today i kill'd a mistrrr Josh Green o' Wiksik o'ver by th' mountain afterrr i saw Le Pirate Robert n tipped me hat ta 'im. since i be not in wiksik yet and the raid hasn't beggun, e's not part o' th' count i say. but a kill none the less. an' i killed the monkey he was fightin' too. harhar.--Badhammer 20:33, 8 July 2006 (UTC) OI! cap'n dan! i see ye' aimin' fer 25! i see ye' an' raise ye' i aim fer 30 now. may i die an' haunt them until i come back to kill em again.--Badhammer 21:37, 8 July 2006 (UTC) OI! dan! 35! mate i aim for 40 now. i be sittin' a lil north o' the town, i just got revived bby a wanddering shaman and ended up a few paces north o th' town. tomorrow i attack.--Badhammer 09:25, 11 July 2006 (UTC) You attack zevna for 3 damage. They die. (the raid hasn't begun yet, but i killed another one. --Badhammer 19:46, 11 July 2006 (UTC) Badhammer's kills are at a lowly 4, i have been haunting the medicine hut for the last week. getting that extra level i wanted for expert tracking. harharhar, i'll be killing them tomorrow though! back to the flesh!--Badhammer 12:09, 23 July 2006 (UTC)


Tycho "Yarr" Everett: 1 Armadax wot callz hizilf Butchur has provokd mi. (Planning to distract natives with ticking GPS units and glittering gems and "brown liquid" - a bit o mud from the freshwater spring.)

Born to Kill: After thsi raid, i will no longer be the cabin boy, but the cabin man! after i clean my pipes out in the natives i kill. i aim for at least a threesome, maybe more if my cutlasses don't break as often as they do. OY! Cap'n! thanks fer killin' Foo Fighter! so m' kill count is currently at 8 as ov th' mornin' ov th' 23rd ov july. why arrr thar so many natives that be from somewhere else? i killed a level 26 shaman from dolpak and some rakamites! yarrrghh This count is for Wiksikers ONLY! No other natives count. Captain Dan

Dr Capitalism:

Crimson Jake:


Anne Bonny:


OpiumJoe: 8 pairs of Wiksik ears be hung around me nethers.


b4ll54ck kill3r: Upon my arrival at Wikstick I will kill as many as I please!

Karrak the Drunk: If'n I can get to Wikstick or wha'ever tha name be, I'll take 'least five of th' stinkin' native's heads.

The Captain comes to...

I apologize for my recent absence, I was distracted by visions of a zombie apocalypse far in the future brought on by a particularly sharp blow to the head from an elephant. Details can be found here: Blackmore Bastard Brigade. I would ask that all crewmembers immediately report in including their general location (don't be too specific, unfriendly eyes are watching) and important events of the past couple weeks. I'd specifically ask that instances of violence between the Royal Expedition and the Scurvy Crew be reported including which parties initiated hostilities in each instance. If possible I might ask for a blanket pardon for all clans involved so that we can restart things on the right footing. We're all outsiders after all and this whole deal was started with the best intentions.

I was going to move the New Tortuga bit beneath the 2nd Dalpok raid bit but the Wicksick raid painting looks so goddamn good at the top of the page...

The violence against the Royal's was my doing. Gandhi and LessthenLethal caused me personal offense. I take full responsability for my own and any of the crews actions as I laid down the first stroke. Captain Dan

How exactly did they offend anyway? And you weren't the first, I got pked by an outsider my first visit to the island.

They insulted my honour and they probably killed you as I killed 2 of them. Captain Dan

Ceasefire rejected, eh?

I can understand why you rejected the ceasefire, Captain. I do, however, request a clarification. In your upcoming raid, am I to understand that you will only be attacking members of the Pirate Hunters and the Order of Patriots? You will not be attacking members of the Colonial Police or non-aligned Yorkmen?

Threat on JRG Treasurer

My Treasurer Zom-vld has brought me proof that one of your crew members named Xintlaer told other crewmembers that they should kill him. Zom escaped with little harm. I request to know why one of my men was attacked. If crew members of the Strumpet have a beef with JRG crew members they can be directed to me or the PDF. We will happily discuss any disputes.--Michael edwards 15:35, 3 November 2006 (UTC)

Arr, since it now be decided on the friday, I be wonderin' what the time be fer it. I be available most o' Friday, but tha' may be subject t' time'd be 'round lunchtime GMT--HVLD 17:51, 6 November 2006 (UTC)

You've got yourselves a Native Guild!

My character Killer Lobster has joined the crew to be the guild, though I do need to work on my language skills a bit.

Colorless Yimoa