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badhammer oii!!! right! this is the dread pirate badhammer.

  • Quartermaster of the finest crew of the seven seas. currently, just a crew member because of the trouble over the last raid on dolpak,
  • covered in scars and tattoos.
  • a giant of a man, a huge black beard hangs down his chest, native teeth and bones are woven into his beard along with gold coins and blood red jewels.
  • six pistols are tucked into his belts. a rifle is over his shoulder. seven cutlasses hang from his belt. a dagger is in each boot.
  • his pants are ragged leather, with a black velvet jacket over a ragged dress shirt. a few splatters of blood are across the front of his shirt.
  • a long scars runs down the right side of his face crossing over his eye. he's lucky to still have the eye, but is now even more careful not to lose it. but he wears an eyepatch most of the time to fool his enemies into thinking he has bad depth perception.
  • after being flogged 50 lashes on the deck of the ship, he drank a case of rum and cut off his own left hand to prove his loyalty to the crew.
  • Captain Dan performed a proper surgery on my left hand to replace the severed hand and the quickly replaced hook that squidgey worked out for me.
  • alternates for left hand: short cutlass, a ragged and wicked looking harpoon, a steel pist with built in knuckle dusters and a large axe
  • Current left hand: short cutlass