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Order of Patriots
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In-game page
Leadership: Wouldn't you like to know?
Members: If you need to ask, you don't need to know.
Goals: Upholding the values of security and civilisation.
Recruitment policy: Don't call us, we'll call you. When you least expect it...
Contact: Email Us

By the People, of the People, for the People

The Order of Patriots is a secretive paramilitary group, active in and around York, whose main goals are to rid the southern peninsula of its pirate infestation and protect the township of York from those who would destroy her.


York is beseiged from within. Pirates and brigands roam our streets, stealing from our people, looting our town supplies, and attacking our people at whim, whilst corrupt colonial authorities look the other way and line their own pockets. The groups who claim to protect us war and squabble amongst themselves, whilst the proud folk who built this nation live in fear and danger! As if that were not enough, our fair town has also been the target of repeat attacks by savages, who have killed a good number of our people in the past weeks. York is in peril!

Through all this, rumours have begun to circulate of a secret order of righteous men (one might say, patriots), fighting to protect the common man and preserve the integrity of our young civilisation. The first true heroes of our land, they must netherless operate secretly, to avoid certain death at the hands of the forces that seek to enslave and destroy us all.

A Warning

Pirates, be forewarned! The Order of Patriots will not tolerate your presence in York any longer. Know that from today onward, you stay in York and surrounding area at your own risk! Know especially that if you are a pirate known to harass Yorkmen, we will find you, and we will give you free "lessons" on how to dance the Tyburn Jig.


To view a list of the medals awarded by the Order for services to the peoples of Shartak, and a list of recipients, click here


In keeping with our policy of fostering community initatives for a safer York, the Order has decided to offer financial support and rewards to those fighting to keep undesirables out of our town. Starting immediately, the Order is offering a bounty of 10 gold coins to anyone who kills a pirate or similar felon (see list below for details) near or in York. To claim these rewards, follow these simple steps:

  1. Slay your pirate or other undesirable.
  2. Log the kill on the Shartak Underworld.
  3. Post a bounty request either on the talk page, or by emailing Davidclements@hotmail.com with the subject "Shartak Bounty". Remember to include your name, the name of the undesirable, and a link to their profile.
  4. Bounties will be distributed outside Czechy's Tavern (1W of Trader Harry's in York) [-70.368,+26.313] nightly, generally between 1800 and 1900 BST. If you are not present to collect your bounty, we will keep it until you are avaliable. (Alternatively, we may be able to deliver your bounty to a given square within the boundaries of York at around the same time. Email if you require this service.)
  5. Repeat!

Undesirables in York

This is a complete list of the people who we will pay bounties on:

  • Any pirate, especially those who have killed Yorkmen.
  • Any aggressive monarchist, including members of the so-called York Loyalists, 1st Derby Privateers and the 1st Imperial Privateers Regiment, but not including members of the friendly and community-spirited Royal Expedition.
  • Anyone who professes loyalty to a pirate or pro-pirate clan.
  • Any member of the Mercenary's Guild, as they have been implicated in the past waves of pirate violence in York.
  • Any member of the Lord Paul Reefer Terror Cell, who are plotting atrocities in York.
  • Any member of the Destruction Lords, a group dedicated to maintaining a state of violent disorder in York. (this group has dibanded but we will continue to offer bounties on former members, for now)


10th December 2006

It is with great regret that we must declare Che, former head of the Shartak Rebel Forces, to be a liability to the cause of York. Although he distinguished himself during the Third Invasion of York, he has displayed a tendency towards infighting and has attacked members of the 1st Colonial Militia in defense of a vocally anti-york pirate leader. The forces of good cannot afford such divisions, and thus we are moved to strike Che's name from our list of allies.

Fortunately, our scouts have noted Che moving north away from York, thus removing the threat of continued sectarian actions by his forces.

8th December 2006

Despite their recent attempts to sue for peace with the guardians of York, the 1st Imperial Privateers remain a very real threat to our town. Only today, a privateer murdered an innocent man in cold blood in the medical hut without provocation. The Order will continue to proactively defend York against villains such as these.

9th November 2006

In recent days, there has been a sudden surge in neo-colonialism across the island. The self-proclaimed York Loyalist(s) have claimed Shartak for the crown of England, as have the 1st Derby Privateers, whilst the 1st Imperial Privateers have claimed our land for the crown of Holland. The common thread here is of course piracy, and specifically the legitimisation of it through the awarding of 'letters of marque', as if some petty despot in europe has the right to permit brigands and murderers to pillage our towns!

The Order of Patriots would like to reassure all the good folk of York that we will stand with you against this threat as we have with every threat to your freedom and wellbeing since our formation during the second invasion. And as with every other threat, we will prevail and overcome. We have extremely good information on all of these groups. We know their strengths (few), their weaknesses (many) and their members (few), and we will work to ensure that they can do no harm to the good folk of York.

As ever, your servants,
The Council of Three

2nd November 2006

A meeting of the Mercenary's Guild inner circle in Czechy's tavern last night was disrupted by our operatives, with Tom Failur slain, vicious cop killer Agent47 sorely wounded, and HVLD forced to flee the town. The Order would like to extend our thanks to Czechy for his understanding in this matter.

22nd October 2006

With the Guild no longer presenting a credible threat to our citizens and our historic victory assured, the Council have seen fit to award medals to those who distinguished themselves in the defense of York.

Old News

15th October 2006 The Mercenary's Guild have announced their official retreat from York, despite having already been conclusively routed over a week ago. The Third Invasion is over!

9th October 2006 And the river runs red...

The heroic resistance of the folk of York continues unabated, with the Guild sustaining serious losses on a daily basis. Once again, the valiant W B Hazen has done us all proud, personally killing Tom Failur and HVLD in a single day. This loss of leadership represents a grave blow even to a disorganised rabble such as these, and are confident that all the patriotic citizens of York will take full advantage by wiping out the few remaining pockets of the invaders before they have finsihed reeling from the shock.

5th October 2006 In the last two days, all the leaders of the Mercenary's Guild, plus several of their minions, have been killed in York. We are winning this fight, but the Order still urges all citizens to stay alert, especially if using the road to Durham - we have received reports of random attacks on Yorkmen by recently revived mercs starting the long trek back to York.

28th September 2006 In response to the recent wave of violence against innocent civilians by the Mercenary's Guild, including attacks on medics and Colonial Police officers, the Order is calling for all citizens of York to attack members of the Guild on sight. These attacks are no longer just bounty hits, they are part of a planned wave of violence aimed at exerting Guild control over the free town of York. No man is safe whilst these thugs roam the streets killing at will. Strike now, or they will strike you down first!

Historical Note: This marks the start of the Third Invasion of York by the Mercenary's Guild

9th September 2006 Mercenary ringleader HVLD was aprehended by the Patriots outside the York Armoury in the early hours of the morning. The Order believes that the Mercenary's Guild may be responsible for the continuing ammo crisis in York, and wanted to question HVLD regarding this matter. Unfortunately, he resisted arrest and was slain in the ensuing strugggle. The Order would like to remind all members of the Mercenary's Guild and other groups who attack civilians for financial reward or any other underhand motive are not welcome in York.

5th September 2006 The Order's operations to protect the people of York continue, with three of our greatest foes slain in one day, including Tom Failur, the Butcher of York, and Mal, a murderous headhunter who has slain over 50 Yorkmen to date.

3rd September 2006 Good News: Pirate activity in York is at at one of its lowest ebbs since pirates first began to contaminate our town and the York Peninsula with their presence. Bad News: A new threat is on the (westward) horizon. A violently pro-pirate gang known as the Durham Pistoleers seem insistent upon waging covert war on York. This group has become open and strong allies with murderous anti-York pirates, and have made it a policy to aid and abet pirates who are out to destroy York. There have even been unconfirmed reports of suspected Pistoleers attacking innocent York citizens. The Council believes they may be planning a joint Pistoleers/Pirate invasion of York as we speak.

22nd August 2006 The Order of Patriots has utterly rejected the plea for mercy by the craven crew of the Hell-Born Strumpet. If pirates are safe in York, then York is not safe!

10th August 2006 Pirate, murderer, criminal, and all-around low-life Michael Edwards, leader of a newly-formed gang of thieving marauding pirates, has been apprehended and executed by the Order of Patriots, after being spotted in York recently by one of our men (bad idea for any pirate, especailly one like him). Another victory for York!

23rd July 2006 Serial killer Red Jimmy Jimson was slain last night in a flawlessly-executed Patriots operation. The Council would like to take this opportunity to praise our brave frontline operatives, who risk life and limb on a daily basis to keep every upstanding citizen of York safe from the depredations of brigands such as these. The risks they take to protect us became more apparent than ever yesterday as a consoritum of pirates driven from York by our actions issued dire threats against popular local hero W.B.Hazen.

The people of York will not back down to blackmail or death threats, and the Order promises swift, fatal retribution against these buccaneers and any who aid them.

17th July 2006 Under repeated attack from the Order of Patriots and the Colonial Police, the 'Gangsterz of York' have disbanded, and their surviving members are believed to have fled to an island south of York. To ensure the continued safety of all citizens, the Order will still be paying bounties on any former gangsterz found near York.

13th July 2006 In an operation supported by the Order through the Bounties Program (see above), notorious terrorist leader Lord Paul Reefer was executed last night in the south of York.

11th July 2006 Prominent Mercenary and known pirate sympathiser and collaborator HVLD was executed outside the old Guildhouse in York today as part of an Order of Patriots operation targeting those trying to revive the criminal "Mercenary's Guild".

7th July 2006 The Order of Patriots has concluded negotiations with the Colonial Police, and is pleased to declare that both groups have affirmed their commitment to a safe, pirate-free York.

A Long, Long Time Ago... Tom Failur, the 'Butcher of York', known murderer and scallywag, was executed by the Order of Patriots last night.