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The Village of Derby - Territory Map
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15
02 A H1
03 H2
05 M H3
06 H4 H5 H6
07 H7
08 S H8 H9 T H10
09 H11
10 H12 H13 H14
11 H15 H16
12 H17 H18 H19
13 H20 H21
Unincorporated ("Jungle")
Village territory ("Derby")
H Hut
T Trading post
A Ammunition hut
M Medical hut
S Shaman


  • The above is a territory map, not a map of jungle density (which constantly changes). Therefore, the jungle and village squares will very likely be colored differently in-game than they are here. Squares within the town of Derby will be displayed as "Derby" on the game map, and jungle squares will be displayed as "Jungle".
  • The numbers on the map are merely for local reference and are not related to GPS coordinates at all.

Points of interest

Her Majesty's Armament Store

Location: A or [-70.096,+26.356]

Ammunition running low, natives closing in? Have no fear, her Majesty's clerks are ready and willing to issue rifle rounds, provided your paperwork is in order.

Royal Derby Asylum

Location: H1 or [-70.093,+26.356]

Close relative gone a bit odd? Seems a trifle shaky in the hands? Showing the white feather? The Royal Derby Asylum can care for your mal-adjusted, mad or simply weak-minded. We'll make them sane even if it kills them.

Headquarters of the Derby Privateers

Location: H2 or [-70.098,+26.355]

If killed in the town of Derby, you may report the name of your attacker to the 1st Derby Privateers.

Her Majesty's Apothecaries

Location: M or []

Vast stores of medical supplies are available. Oddly, knives, beer, machetes and bottles of water make up a significant portion of the inventory.

The Octavius Popebury Memorial Club for Upstanding Gentlemen

Location: H3 or [-70.092,+26.353]

This exclusive club has been awarded five stars by the Royal Imperialist Colonist Gazette and described as "a true home away from home". Its members are free to swill brandy, lounge in the luxurious armchairs and engage in discourse on every subject under the sun. An impressive array of animal heads provides a suitable backdrop to the preparation of its famed hunting trips. Dinner is served from seven to nine and formal dress is required.


Location: H4 or [-70.095,+26.352]

Shartak's most brutal metal band calls Derby its home. Mordhaus (Murder-House) is the venue of choice for their outpourings of creative angst.

Derby Hospital

Location: H5 or [-70.093,+26.352]

Located at [-70.093,+26.352], the Derby Hospital is run by the Derby Hospitallers. Any non-violent, wounded individuals should wait there for healing. The Hospitallers also operate an informal EMS service, attending to wounded in the medical and ammo supply huts.

Hotel de Derby

Location: H7 or[-70.091,+26.351]

As Shartak's first actual hotel, the Hotel de Derby (run by Devlin Kard) provides safe haven for all peaceful travellers. Located in central Derby, it is a short walk from anywhere in Derby. Donations to Mr. Kard are appreciated, but not required.

Derby Academy

Gymnasium Location: H8 or [-70.094,+26.350]

Lecture Hall Location: H9 or [-70.093,+26.350]

Run by the Derby Hospitallers, the Derby Academy is Shartak's first (and, thus far, only) educational facility. It occupies two buildings. The gymnasium is for fencing or first aid practice. Students may attack or heal the Hospitaller on duty, provided they do not reduce said Hospitaller to less than 22 HP. The Derby Academy's lecture hall allows the students to ask any questions about the game or survival on Shartak. Should a Hospitaller not be present, they may ask the Hospitallers on duty at the Hospital or the Gymnasium and wait for their answer in the Lecture Hall. The Lecture Hall is also the home of the Derby Lecture Series.

Her Majesty's Trading Emporium/Derby Tavern

Location: T or [-70.092,+26.350]

Tom the Trader conducts his operation from this venue, an undoubted master of the middle-class activity known as "business". He buys and sell a wide range of goods at prices ranging from the reasonable to downright ridiculous. The jumped-up serf had the cheek to overcharge me on first aid kits. He also supplies the prey for indoor hunting expeditions, so far mainly dogs but there was a shargle once.

The Derby Tavern is run largely by the 1st Derby Privateers, with some assistance from the Derby Hospitallers. Located in the Derby trader's hut, this facility is a safehouse. Anyone not wanted by the Privateers may sleep here under Privateer protection, including natives and pirates.

Derby Court

Anybody who is marked on the Derby Privateer's PKer list may appeal to the Derby Court to contest the verdict. A fair trial is ensured by one Hospitaller, one Privateer and one unaligned Derby resident, and witness testimonies will be heard from anybody who steps forward. The court currently has no building, but contact the Eastern Federation if you want a trial.

Bank of Shartak (Derby Branch)

Location: H11 or [-70.092,+26.349]

Located one building south of the Trader's Hut, the Bank is run by the Imperial Bank's founder, Kristofer Schanz and is a welcome addition to the new culture that Derby has adopted.

Royal Derby Library

Location: H12 or [-70.099,+26.348]

The importance of civilising the natives has not been lost on the people of Derby. The shelves of the library include such books as "Learning God's Language: English for Savages", "Agriculture for Dummies", "How to Dress Yourself" and the ever-popular "Flowers and Fauna of Shartak".

Headquarters of the Derby Rangers

Location: H13 or [-70.097,+26.348]

Formerly a hut that belonged to one of the Derby Rangers, the hut was donated to the Rangers in order to ease tension within the Eastern Federation. The Derby Rangers' leader can be contacted directly in this hut, and other Rangers frequently sleep inside, as well.

Derby Church

Location: H14 or [-70.093,+26.348]

Catholic services are conducted on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Protestant services are conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Saturdays, the church is reserved by sectarian thugs for their weekly riot.

Cthulhu's House of Dead Things and Stuff

Location: H16 or [-70.090,+26.347]

Surprisingly free of dead things but with vast amounts of stuff, the perfect place to waste an afternoon with the tykes.

Tomb of the Fallen Heroes

Location: H17 or [-70.100,+26.346]

The final resting place of those who fell in the defence of our fair Derby. The corpse of Majestic Ninja is amongst those interred within.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Location: H18 or [-70.098,+26.346]

Plants from Shartak mix uncomfortably with their brethren from the old world. New and exotic breeds are created every day by the teams of dedicated horticulturalists. Some are quite dangerous and it is common to see the curators attempting to burn the more feisty examples of these breeds.

Police Public Call Box

Location: H19 or [-70.095,+26.346]

It seems to be a lot bigger on the inside...

Ms Wang's Oriental Massage Parlour

Location: H21 or [-70.097,+26.345]

Ahem, well, now, clearly I haven't been in myself but I heard from someone whose cousin once visited the place that there were some unseemly activities in the building.