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I don't mind other people playing my sandbox unless they mess up my stuff, in which case I throw sand and tantrums. — Elembis (talk)

Item IDs

Shartak has item IDs that can be seen by viewing the HTML source of an inventory list, drop list, or trader inventory list. The "ID List" table below sorts items by their IDs, which is how trading lists are sorted. Inventory and drop lists are sorted alphabetically, and attack lists seem to be grouped into melee and ranged, and sorted by weapon strength, with better melee weapons at the top and worst ranged weapons at the bottom.

Please correct or describe any errors you see.

ID List (01-09)
Item ID
01 machete
02 blowpipe
02(0) blowpipe (0)
02(1) blowpipe (1)
03 poison dart
04 rifle
04(0) rifle (0)
04(1) rifle (1)
04(2) rifle (2)
05 rifle bullet
06 first aid kit
07 healing herb
08 gps unit
09 gold coin
ID List (0A-0N)
Item ID
0A (some people have these)
0B sharpening stone
0C blunt machete
0D gourd of water
0E banana
0F mango
0G bunch of tasty berries
0H bunch of poisonous berries
0I bottle of water
0J (won't find these yet)
0K (won't find these yet)
0L heavy sword
0M bottle of beer
0N piece of driftwood
ID List (0O - 10)
Item ID
0O crab
0P dagger
0Q gem
0R cutlass
0S poisonous snake
0T knife
0U bottle of rum
0V blunt cutlass
0W empty bottle
0X empty gourd
0Y (some people have these)
0Z (some people have these)
10 (some people have these)
11 rabbit foot charm
Attack List
Item ID
machete 01
knife 0T
blunt machete 0C
punch 00
blowpipe 02

Camp travel distances

All of these distances are from the shaman of one camp to the shaman of another. Each number is a shortest distance between two points, assuming that jungle growth doesn't get in the way. "(1+)344" means the trip covers 344 jungle/beach/grassland squares and 1 water square; "133" means the trip consists of 133 jungle/beach/grassland squares and no water.

Dalpok Derby Durham Raktam Shipwreck Wiksik York Notes
Dalpok 0 (1+)344 217 133 104 (1+)196 129 (2+)1123 total
Raktam 133 (1+)230 350 0 218 83 (1+)155 (2+)1169 total
Wiksik (1+)196 (1+)147 (1+)408 83 301 0 (1+)168 (4+)1303 total
Derby (1+)344 0 (1+)558 (1+)230 (1+)448 (1+)147 (2+)313 (7+)2040 total
Durham 217 (1+)558 0 350 317 (1+)408 277 (2+)2127 total
Shipwreck 104 (1+)448 317 218 0 301 229 (1+)1617 total
York 129 (2+)313 277 (1+)155 229 (1+)168 0 (4+)1271 total


  • From Dalpok to Derby, go 70↘, 252→, 19↘, 4↓ (one of those squares is water).
  • From Dalpok to Durham, go 6↓, 84↙, 117←, 10↙
  • From Dalpok to Raktam, go 19↑, 18↗, 86→, 10↘.
  • From Dalpok to the shipwreck, go 100 ↖, 4←.
  • From Dalpok to Wiksik, go 37↘, 46→, 1↘, 113→ (one of those squares is water).
  • From Dalpok to York, go 29↓, 66↘, 34↓.
  • From Derby to Durham, go 4↑, 19↖, 228←, 1↖, 3← 1↙, 22←, 20↙, 251←, 10↙ (one of those squares is water).
  • From Derby to the shipwreck, go from Derby to Wiksik, then from Wiksik to Raktam, then from Raktam to the shipwreck. It may not be a straight line, but it's just as fast.
  • From Derby to Wiksik, go 4↑, 51↖, 93← (one of those squares is water).
  • From Derby to York, go 4↑, 20↖, 231←, 25↙, 35↓ (two of those squares are water).
  • From Durham to Wiksik, go 10↗, 271→, 52↗, 76→ (one of those squares is water).
  • From Durham to York, go 10↗, 228→, 39↘.
  • From Durham to the shipwreck, go 10↗, 117→, 32↗, 106↑, 52↖.
  • From Raktam to the shipwreck, go 10↖, 141←, 63↖, 4←.
  • From Raktam to Wiksik, go 19→, 64↘.
  • From Raktam to York, go 74↓, 48↙, 34↓ (one of those squares is water).
  • From the shipwreck to York, go 170↘, 59↓ to go through Dalpok or 29↓, 170↘, 30↓ to go south of it.
  • From Wiksik to York, go 76←, 56↙, 36↓ (one of those squares is water).

Unicode arrows

Unicode Arrows









Flavor text

These text strings are used by the Shartak Flavorizer to add flavor to various locations on the island. Additions in italics are welcome and may be included in the next version of the script. (Please do not modify existing strings; instead, add your improved version as a new string.)


  • "The sand is hot but the ocean breeze is cool."
  • "A beautiful seashell catches your eye."
  • "You see crab marks in the sand."
  • "The sound of the waves soothes you."
  • "You breathe deeply in the open air."
  • "An empty bottle lies partially buried by the sand."
  • "Your eyes trace the smooth line where the ocean meets the sky."
  • "The sand shifts slightly beneath your feet."
  • "The peaks of distant waves glisten in the sunlight."


  • "You see a snake's shed skin on the ground."
  • "The field sways and whispers in the wind."
  • "The weeds brush your hands as you move."
  • "Sunlight streams down from the clear sky."
  • "A large grasshopper jumps across your path."
  • "An insect flies by and lands on a nearby blade of grass."
  • "The weeds around you buzz with the noises of insects."


  • "The undergrowth rustles beneath your feet."
  • "You hear the loud chirping of nearby insects."
  • "A colorful spider on the ground freezes as you move."
  • "You see a large ant colony busily rebuilding their hive."
  • "A large moth lands softly on your arm."
  • "A partial skeleton lies a short distance away."
  • "A dragonfly alights on a nearby rock."

Native camp

  • "The smell of drying herbs greets your nostrils."
  • "Smoke rises from a nearby fire."
  • "A bundle of feathers hangs from a nearby hut."

Outsider camp

  • "The smell of gunpowder greets your nostrils."
  • "Smoke rises from a nearby fire."
  • "An animal pelt hangs from a nearby hut."


  • "Your feet stick in the mire."
  • "The smell of rotten flesh floats through the stagnant breeze."
  • "You slap a large mosquito on your arm."
  • "The water leaves rings of filth on your legs as you wade."
  • "The swamp is eerily silent compared to the noise of the jungle."


  • "Noises echo softly off the walls."
  • "You find it difficult to see in such little light."
  • "You step on an old bone and break it."
  • "You run your hand along the grimy wall to guide your steps."
  • "You narrowly avoid hitting your head on a low-hanging rock."
  • "You hear water dripping in the distance."


  • "The water beneath the surface is cool and refreshing."
  • "A patch of dead plants floats nearby."
  • "A rotten log a short distance away moves up and down with the water."
  • "The water glistens in the sun."