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Unity Island, roughly centered at [-70.568,+26.416], is also known as Shark Island, La Islet Bonobo, and New Tortuga, depending upon who you ask. The new name does not superceed any of the others; rather, it is a mere convenience to allow easy reference to the island.

Fought over since it was first discovered in february 2006, Unity Island has recently been the site of groundbreaking negotitions between the Royal Expedition, the Discordian Cargo Cult, and the Scurvy Crew of The Hell-born Strumpet. Following these talks, the island has been declared a No-Violence Zone, and all the peoples of Shartak are being welcomed to its shores.

There is but one Rule on Unity Island - that violence or aggression of any sort is banned. If broken, the offender will be removed from the isle by the elected enforcers. Other than that, everyone is welcome to come and mingle freely in peace and safety.

The details of the treaty and how the island will be run are still being fine-tuned, but eventually we hope to create not just a tropical paradise and safehaven, but also a place where all the Clans of Shartak can come together and work towards the greater good - a United Clans of Shartak, as Eris so eloquently puts it. These details will be posted here as soon as possible, so watch this space!

Support the Unity Island Treaty!

Below is a list of clans and individuals currently supporting this important development. Feel free to add yourself to show your support!