La Islet Bonobo

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Storybook Island as mapped by the UBER MAP project

Once upon a time there was a magical land called Storybook Island (this happy place was formerly known as La Islet Bonobo). It is the largest of the Western Islets off the west coast of Shartak, and the secret headquarters of the Discordian Cargo Cult. Sometimes the bad mean people of the Royal Expedition sneak onto the island and kill the poor defenseless Discordians. But then they come back to life! They come back and return to their happy island. The happy Discordians like to say "Mango!!!!!" and play with fluffy bunnies and give you candy. You want to be their friend, don't you? Of course you do. There are plenty of fun stories to read on the beaches around the coast of the island. You should come there and join us. Or die.

D.C.C. Facts-in-brief:

Name Storybook Island
Land Area Approx. 836 square game squares
Official Language Literazi!!!!!
Chief Exports Poisonous berries and your mom
Political System Crypto-fascist Anarchism
Tourism Encouraged
Official Religion Discordianism
Conversion Required