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Fighting Continues in York

Dear Editor: Your prediction, "The Imperial Privateers declare York conquered and sell it to Keiichi in return for information leading to the acquisition of a Heavy Sword. Warfare between the Guild and everybody else continues until headhunters show up and kill everyone" is not likely to be accurate for a number of reasons. First, York is not the easy pushover New Amsterdam was. Like Wiksik, it is readily defended by highly motivated and experienced fighters. It is very unlikely that we would be able to conquer and re-name the township in the same fashion as we did with New Amsterdam. Second, Keiichi is a member of the Imperials, and we already know where to find heavy swords. Two of our number are at the location now. Third, the headhunters are en route to Derby, and are unlikely to be deterred from activities there. The Malice has briefly spoken of the forthcoming crescendo to this engagement, and we have the utmost confidence that our brethren in the Mercenaries Guild will achieve their objectives. - FirstAmongstDaves

Derby Derby Approaches

Hey! that picture...that's my head! - FirstAmongstDaves

Our Oldest Clan May Be Dying

Nononononononono...NO! When I first arrived in Durham, the RE greeted me with upmost respect and kindness, even as a pirate. We cant allow this clan to die out! It was one of the greats, it was the first of the greats! What will it take to get you guys back on your feet? Rozen

Pirates Urged To Attack Yorkmen


Full Interview: Kjendlie

I fell of the chair, nice one :D Lama 22:46, 4 February 2007 (UTC)

LOL! Are there not enough pages or something? RobZombie

Pistoleer Kills York Defender

Pirates en route to York... Pistoleers start picking off defenders... Increased pirate activity around Durham... Coincidences? I'm looking forwards to hearing Mr. Kujit's reply to this story. -- Nathan Hale 21:40, 5 February 2007 (UTC)

Hauntings Decimate Shamen

“Freedom of Press” Goes Too Far

Letters To The Editor