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Rozen's Diary

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I AM ROB ZOMBIE!!!!! In the game he is my brother, out of game, he's my alt of course. Or I'm his alt...errr...I'll get back to ya... this is important info because when he makes a page edit, its my name doing it. Just carry on as normal.

Most of it is irrelevant maps and logs, treasure accounting and weapon management logs from his old ship the 'Sabre'

24th Aug, Desterada Port.

What a great party! The 'Sabre' was one year old and not a scratch on her, beautiful Sloop that she is. Me 'n the crew drank rum until the early morn. We're gonna set off from Destarada just in time to reach Shartak by nightfall.

25th Aug, Coast Of Shartak.

I'm writing this now, as i navigate the reefs, blasted things gave us all a fright earlier. The rest of the crew have settled for the night, save my master mate, Seth. Thinkin' o it, tis better i put my diary away, don't want the crew to know about it and steal it. too many an adventure with that pistol of a woman, armsman Marley has been documented.

26th Aug, Shartak.

That bastard Seth! he shoved me to the deck last night, steered us right onto the beach and threw me off the 'Sabre'! luck has it, i've still got my cutlass, or i wouldn't be able to write this. how else would i get monkey blood? Mariner's tales tell of a Pirate encampment on the north of the island, i've got to find it soon, maybe Seth stopped off there for supplies.

27th Aug, Jungle.

I'm bloody lost! i dont know which way's north!

28th Aug, Jungle.

Natives ransacked my camp while i was hunting. I hope i find them soon, they'll have supplies.

28th Aug, Shipwreck.

I've arrived at the pirate encampment, and after so long in the jungle, my grammar and spelling have improved. I was killed by those natives, but i somehow ended up floating around next to this tied up shaman on the beach. There's only one thing to do now. clean this place up! names of mutineers are written in the sand, carved into the side of the hut, and spoken though black toothed mouths. but before that, i need new clothes, the smell is awful.

The diary ends there, being used as a shield in a fight, the rest is unreadable.

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Rozen's brother Rob Zombie is currently in Derby.