Heavy sword

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The Heavy sword is one of the base items that are highly sought after by most players, and have become a status symbol in-game.

Weapon Information

  • Base Daamge - 5
  • Base Accuracy - 20%
  • Location Found - Swamps
  • Special Details - Highly Breakable, Rare Item, Cannot chop vegetation or become blunt.


It used to be that only very few people knew where to find a heavy sword, a large bulk of them being the Wicksick Headhunters. The secret became common knowledge after a competition was held, where the winners were made privy to this information. Lord Jones, one of the contestants, was the one who spread its location to the island. Vast numbers of people flocked to the swamps to obtain a heavy sword, and it was indeed true.

The number of heavy swords that could be found greatly diminished as the ancient swords became harder to find, as the easier ones were found already by prospectors. Heavy swords, despite being common knowledge, became precious once again.

To find a heavy sword for one's personal possession, it takes a great amount of patience and determination as well as luck. Some players have spent months doing nothing but searching the swamps and have not found one yet.

Science and Technology of the Heavy Sword

The island of Shartak, despite being in the Bermuda Triangle, might have had trade relations with Ancient China. A team of Shartakian archaeologists, led by Zeek, claimed that the technology used in the heavy swords have been around since 200 B.C. in China, and it is speculated that the Chinese might have taught the natives the art of making the blades. The pristine condition of the blades, despite being submerged can be attributed to the airtight seal that can be observed on the scabbards.
Zeek said that the Shartakian bronze used in the heavy sword had a high tin content, roughly 17-21% tin. This high tin content made for corrosion resistance and keen edge retention, but fragility became an issue. Zeek says that he can only speculate why the heavy swords can be found in swamps.