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The Ambassador Program - Part I

This is the first of a three part series detailing the Derby Hospitallers' latest project. In this short introduction, we'll tell you what the program is, what the program does and why the program is.

The Ambassador of the Derby Hospitallers is a Hospitaller working in a different town; these Ambassadors help the town in any way they can, like the DH in Derby. Such projects the Ambassadors may undertake include making a hospital, academy or wandering around and healing people. The two current Ambassadors are Fester Shinetop of Durham and Broderick of York.

James Barnes, current DH Tribune had this to say about the program; "The ambassador system idea actually originated from two independent sources. When we allied with the Durham Pistoleers, Mr. Kjuit suggested that we establish embassies in one another's towns. At the time, the Hospitallers couldn't spare the manpower, so nothing came of the suggestion. Several months later, Javier Sortani, having just arrived from the Colonial Police, suggested an exchange program between the Hospitallers and our allies. From these two suggestion, the ambassador program was conceived.

"It was put into action as the result of events in other towns. In Durham, the election (and the discussion surrounding it) drew the attention of Fester Shinetop. I read his comments and found myself liking the enthusiasm, energy, and creativity of this new arrival to Shartak. I immediately began attempting to recruit him into the Hospitallers. He was concerned that, being so far from home, he would not be an effective member of our clan. So I offered him the position of ambassador to Durham. He accepted.

"At the same time, certain prominent Colonial Police members left the CP. I won't go into their reasons for doing so, as that's not relevant. However, I respected these Yorkmen and tried to bring them into the Hospitallers. One, Broderick, accepted. I know the loyalty Yorkmen have to their home city, so I asked Broderick to serve as our ambassador to York. I thought this particularly important. After the end of the York-Derby alliance, it would be easy for some to say Derby does not care about its sister settlements. Nothing could be further from the truth. "

Next week, an audience with Fester Shinetop.


Who is the controversial figure known as Lutheran? It is known that he has been on Shartak for more than a year. Leader of the Shartak Protestant League, he has been a polarizing figure in Shartak politics. He was one of the targets of the Mercenary's Guild's attack on York during the Fourth Battle of York. Now, Lutheran is the first outsider to be "Kill on Sight" for both clans of the Estern Federation. How did a religious leader come to be wanted by Derby's defenders?

The situation began when Rob Zombie, leader of the 1st Derby Privateers, attacked Lutheran in Derby. The hostility between the two individuals is long-standing, dating back to the Privateer-Colonial Police alliance. Whatever the cause, there seems little doubt that this event occurred. Lutheran complained to the Eastern Federation, only to be told to complain to Captain Zombie. Some time later, the Derby Court was founded, and the Eastern Federation made a public offer. Zombie would be placed on trial for his attack, provided that Lutheran stood trial for unspecified crimes as well. In response, Lutheran defied the authority of the Eastern Federation to try him. Lutheran cited the Eastern Federation's refusal to move against Rob Zombie for Zombie's attack on him. James Barnes of the Derby Hospitallers noted that, 24 hours earlier Lutheran called him the "leader of Derby," warning him of a Catholic plot with unspecified but sinister aims.

Where are these plots? What are Lutheran's aims? Where does the fault lie in this matter? Perhaps only the Derby Court can answer this question. We urge both parties to come before the court, so that justice can be done.

The Derby Court: Continued

Anonymous artist's sketch of what the court would probably look like during an important trial.

Recently, the Eastern Federation created a court, something never done before in Shartak. The court’s purpose is to be a supplement to the Derby Privateers, to ensure justice is served. The main usage will be for any outsider on the Privateer criminal list to appeal and have their name removed, if they believe they have been falsely accused, or to be called upon to be given sentence.

Sentences given by the court will fit the crime, and they will be centered around reform. Most sentences will be some sort of community service, whether it is work in the Derby Hospital, the Derby Fencing Academy, or jungle clearing and road work. This will be designed to be experience-rewarding, and cause murderers to turn from their violent lifestyle. If the outsider flees the court, they will be added to the Privateers’ kill-on-sight list.

There will be a total of three judges serving on the court voluntarily. One will be from the Derby Hospitallers, one from the Derby Privateers, and one unaligned Derbyman, and they will rotate with others if they may be partial or biased in their ruling, due to some sort of relationship with the case. The three current serving judges are Javier Sortani of the Derby Hospitallers, Tommy Atkins of the Derby Privateers, and Mark D. Stroyer the independent Derbyman. Interestingly, Stroyer is the only Derbian judge on the court. Sortani is a pirate, and Atkins is from our sister-town of York.

Though the court has not yet received its first hearing, several cases are lined up, to be done as soon as possible. One such example is Arthur Lines, who has been called but not yet responded, and the Derby Privateers Captain RobZombie. Lutheran was also summoned by the court, but he rejected both the court and the Eastern Federation’s authority, and is now kill-on-sight for every EF member.

All Eastern Federation members believe the court system will work well, and are eager for the first case to begin.

Our Southwestern Brothers?

Announcing the beginning of an ongoing series

The old trader's hut, taken before being renovated by Trader Harry.

Or are they? Is the Town of York a friend of Derby and far western Durham? Or is it just a breeding ground of contempt and hate? Welcome to the stone jungle, York.

In the town's history, the grand institute of the Colonial Police has seen Leader and founder MickR leave, Kjendlie come to power, and 1st Colonial Militia leader Serious Sam enter the picture. In this time, many truces, wars, alliances and cease-fires have been declared and broken on its blood stained cobbles.

Did you recognise the names? Yes? No? Well in this series, we'll tell you about these men and their great (or not so great) deeds, their alliances, their enemies and their town.

Hotel de Derby Opens

Recently, Derby acquired a new first for Shartak. Devlin Kard, an unaligned Derbian, announced the opening of the Hotel de Derby, the first inn on Shartak. While taverns and hospitals have long served as safehouses in Shartak, the Hotel de Derby is the first explicit provider of lodging on Shartak. Our newest reporter, Elegost, recently conducted an interview with Mr. Kard.

The Entrance of the Hotel.

Q. What's the Hotel's name?

  • A. The Hotel De Derby

Q. Why build a hotel? Is it a 5-star hotel?

  • A. Everyone needs a place to stay. And the hotel is modest but would probably be ranked a 4 star if there were any hotel critics on Shartak.

Q. Where is the hotel?

  • A. Exact coordinates are [-70.091,+26.351] relative location is 1 NE of the trader's hut in Derby.

Q. What are the rules concerning fighting, murders, natives and pirates?

  • A. Fighting is permitted as long as both parties agree to it. Murder is forbidden, and murder in the hotel will lead to unpleasant results for whoever killed them (this excludes verifiable PKer killing, if they killed you and you have proof then it is permitted). Natives are welcome and are guaranteed safe haven, provided they remain peaceful, the same with pirates.

Q. What are the benefits of staying in the hotel than just sleeping in some hut?

  • A. Protection guaranteed by the hotel manager (me), as well as free healing should they need it.

Q. Do we pay you for the stay in the Hotel?

  • A. Donations are appreciated, but this service is offered pro bono (or free if you prefer). The occasional healing is nice too.

Consul Missing

A copy of the signs stating the disappearance of Jack Molay

In recent weeks, Consul Jack Molay has gone missing from Derby. This is not unusual. In the wilds of Shartak, people frequently disappear. Sometimes, they return. Other times, they are never seen again. What makes this event so significant is that the missing individual was a hero to two towns. Consul Molay participated in the defense of York during the Fourth Battle of York and was the architect of the Derby Derby defense, a defense acknowledged by even the Wicksick Headhunters as an effective strategy. As time passes with no word, Derbians can only wait and watch.