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- FIRST AMONGST DAVES - Founder of the 1st Imperial Privateers Regiment -

Who is this First Amongst Daves person anyway?

Name: Dave

Class: Pirate

Clan: 1st Imperial Privateers Regiment


Home of the 1st Imperial Privateers Regiment.

History and Mission

Recently promoted from Colonel to Major-General, FirstAmongstDaves is a pirate who founded the 1st Imperial Privateers Regiment after attacking Dalpok, participating in a failed expedition agsint York, and a skirmish with Wicksick headhunters north of York. Dave then explored the north coast (naming Irony Bay) and the southern river, before renouncing his membership of the Jolly Roger Gang.

The Imperials act on letters of marque and reprisal issued by Queen Laura of Holland, a sovereign dauphiness based in Maastricht near Brussels. Dave, Major-General Timothy Trust, Colonel Sam Bellamy, Colonel Nowherehowdy, Colonel Ella Chen, Colonel Prometheus, Captain Sammitch, Colonel Pariah, Colonel Klinton and others commenced operations in September.

The Imperials quickly grew to the largest organisation on Shartak, and directly challenged the ethnic cleansing strategies of the Colonial Police, the Order of Patriots and others in York. Duels between Dave and various elements in York resulted in significant bloodshed. Only magnanimous restraint by the Imperials avoided a larger conflict.

After entering into a shaky truce with the factions in York, in October the Imperials established a bank, with operations in Raktam, York, Durham and Derby. In Durham, the Imperials supported the Durham Defence Force in repelling the Wicksick headhunters in their December headhunting contest.

In late December Dave then lead a force against Dalpok, capturing the town in a north-south pincer movement and renaming it New Amsterdam. The conquered town was sold to pirate Maevar Ralnick for 151 gold coins, the largest land purchase in Shartak history.

In early January Dave led Imperial forces in maneouveres against pirate killers Long Fin Killie and Petey in and around the shipwreck, before participating in Maevar Ralnick's bear hunting contest.