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The Yorkman is Shartak's premier newspaper, predating our rivals by months and outstripping them by miles. Although based in York, we aim to bring you detailed and balanced coverage of every major event across the island, to make sure your finger is firmly on the racing pulse of Shartak society. We encourage letters to the editor, submissions from freelance reporters, and banners (or requests for banners) from those wishing to advertise.

This isn't just a weekly zine, this is an experience. - December

Issue 018 is now online!

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To create an automatically-updated link to the latest issue, just type [[The Yorkman/Issue {{LastYorkman}}]]

Contribute to Issue 19!

The Yorkman team is now starting work on our nineteenth issue. In this issue we'd like to cover a wider range of stories than before, from a wider area of the island. If there's anything happening in your village (or patch of jungle) that you'd like us to cover, get in touch. This is a perfect opportunity to promote your activities, raise awareness of your cause, or just bring your settlement into the public eye, so dont be shy!

Contact Us

We can be contacted either through our user talk page or via e-mail.


Submissions are probably best e-mailed to us, or you could post them here. We're looking for any breaking news, potential interviewees, budding columnists, and so on.

Shameless Self-Promotion

We love it! If you want a little section promoting your group, email us and we'll consider it. Extra credit given for humour or just being really clever. Keep it short, add a little picture, and it might just get in. Or pretend its news and submit a whole story...

If you'd like to submit a banner for the ads section of the next issue, either e-mail us your completed 500x100 picture, or if graphics aren't your thing, contact us with a slogan and a vague idea (or even a slogan) and we'll do our best.

General Policies

To protect our journalists, we will never reveal the identities of our reporters, and will offer similar protection to our sources, interviewees, and columnists, should they so desire.

The Yorkman will strive to report the truth at all times, and to avoid presenting opinions and guesses as factual information.

Also, that rubbish Page 3 Pirates joke has been scrapped. We're not sorry. Are you?