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The Pirate Hunters|-style="background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center;""background-color: #c3ddc3; text-align: center;" In-game page
Leadership: Zeff
Members: at least 5000
Goals: To hunt down and kill pirates with overenthusiastic zeal
Recruitment policy: To join, simply start hunting and add the clan to your profile. Outsiders only. Minimum level of 7
Contact: Through the talk page, contact a member ingame or PM Zeff on the forum.

The Pirate Peril

"Every day, the good lords and ladies of the Shartak settlements are discomforted by the presence of these sea-faring hooligans. Whats more worrying is the fact that this rabble has the power and intent to pose a serious threat even to the military of our peaceful settlements. They walk into our humble towns to murder, rape, steal and call us names - this can go on no longer - this threat must be destroyed!"

Pirate Hunter Zeff - hiding up a tree near York

Our Fight

Founded by Zeff, a veteran with a grudge against pirates, The Pirate Hunters is a group made up of the toughest soldiers, trackers and fighters from the three towns of Shartak, aiming to hunt down and kill pirates using stealth, suprise tactics and guerilla warfare.

"We seek to give pirates PUNISHMENT. And no, we don't mean the pleasurable kind of punishment enjoyed by the Lords and Ladies in the basement of Czechys tavern. We mean the nasty kind that we will fanaticaly inflict upon the pirates of Shartak, hunting them wherever they go."

Pirate Hunter Zeff - hiding underneath a shark, somewhere off the coast of Durham


Do you have what it takes? Sign up today!

Do you know the meaning of TRUE MANLINESS!? Are you ready to endure harsh conditions to track down and end the Pirate Peril for good?! Do you have what it takes to become a Pirate Hunter!? If you feel you have what it takes and are willing to follow the noble and glorious Pirate Hunters to the ends of the earth, the Pirate Hunters could use you... AS A LOYAL AND DEVOTED FAN!! That's right! If you meet the above conditions, you may just be eligible for an oppurtunity to join the (OFFICIAL) Shartak Pirate Hunters fan club!

However, if you go far beyond the conditions specified above, if your willpower and honourable resolve is so strong that it has become a solid object that orbits around your head, if you feel you are a glorious rolemodel for the population of Shartak, if you feel you could take on an endless horde of Pirates with only your tongue... Only then should you deem yourself worthy to claim the title of Pirate Hunter.

If you are interested in bearing the title of Pirate Hunter, simply contact Zeff on the forum.

Active Pirate Hunters

This displays the current active members of The Pirate Hunters, as well as the amount of Pirate kills.

  • Pirate Hunter Captain Zeff

The Captain is in charge of co-ordinating Pirate Hunter activites and inter-group relations. - has sent 78 Pirates to their grave/graves/barrel/locker.

  • Pirate Hunter Mango

Mango is currently serving as the Pirate Hunter secretary and manager of Zeff's personal fan club - has sent 0 Pirates to their grave/graves/barrel/locker.

  • Pirate Hunter Parrot

Currently serving as Zeff's lieutenant - has sent 0 Pirates to their grave/graves/barrel/locker.

  • Pirate Hunter Bananna

Currently serving as Zeff's emergency food supply - has sent 1 Pirates to their grave/graves/barrel/locker.

As you can see, the Pirate Hunters are somewhat understaffed... no doubt because so few people are willing to endure the harsh conditions and intensive training required to become a Pirate Hunter. Even the Mango only just barely made it.

Friendly Groups

Although The Pirate Hunter's are no doubt the most powerful and the most loved group on the island, there exist other groups that - although their methods are different - share a common goal with the Pirate Hunters - the eradication of the Pirate Peril.

Enemy Groups

Among the numerous groups of Pirates there are two specific groups that stand out above the rest. All Pirate Hunters must go out of their way to destroy these rum-drinking, baby-eating uncivillised enemies of humanity for good!

The Scurvy Crew have been long time enemies of the Pirate Hunters, as well as perhaps the most established and largest Pirate group on Shartak. Zeff himself has clashed with their captain on numerous occasions.

If the Scurvy Crew are the most violent Pirates on the island, the JRG are no doubt the most devious. It was them that planned the stealing of Zeff's Pirate Hunting Power Pants while he was engaged in a spot of shark wrestling. This shattered Zeff's resolve, decreased the overall manliness of the Pirate Hunters by at least 50% and resulted in his absence during the third battle of York. They are obviously pure evil. They may or may not be behind the presence of highly trained anti-Pirate Hunter assualt-monkeys on the island.

If it wasn't for monkeys and Pirates, Zeff's life would be (almost) violence free. The monkeys of Shartak seem to have mysterious leaning towards piracy... such as stealing a respecatable gentleman's clothing when he is engaged in a variety of sea-based sporting and hunting activities...

Code of Honour

The virtuous warriors of The Pirate Hunters must abide by a code of honour, so that they may fulfill their duties as shining manly rolemodels and idols for the rest of Shartak. And indeed, the rest of the world.

  • To be a Pirate Hunter you must hunt pirates.
  • Although the priority is pirate hunting, all Pirate Hunters have a duty to work for the best interests and safety of the three towns - Derby, Durham and York.
  • The residents of these towns must be treated with courtesy and respect (unless they are either criminals or they really don't deserve it)
  • Anyone that has killed an outsider from any of the three towns will be treated as a criminal and handed over to the Colonial Police.
  • Share intelligence on pirate activity with other hunters.
  • Respect your fellow hunters

A Special and Quite Complicated, but Nontheless Slightly Important EXTRA Rule!

Do not kill within the boundries of Derby, Durham or York. This applies to Pirates that have the protection of the local authorities. Do not be alarmed by this rule! "What do you mean?! How can a Pirate Hunter NOT kill Pirates!!! Only a coward a woman or a savage would hesitate to kill a Pirate!!! You are a disgrace to all MEN! Leave at once!!!", you might say upon hearing such a rule. Despite what common sense may tell you - there is a reason behind this. Quite simply, it would cause trouble for the citizens and peaceful groups that Pirate Hunters try to protect. Even if you accidently squish a Pirate, the amount of resulting paperwork would make the Pirate Hunters unpopular with the local authorities. However, there are exceptions from this rule - If there is

  • a Pirate raid
  • if the target Pirate does not have any protection from the local authorites
  • special orders from Pirate Hunter HQ.

In any of the above cases - DO NOT HESITATE TO WIPE THE FOUL-SMELLING EEL-BITTEN WAVEMONGERS OF THE FACE OFF THE EARTH! Otherwise, don't cause too much trouble within the towns.


Vital and important updates regarding the Pirate Hunters go here..

The Pirate Hunter's have been reformed, Zeff no longer absent! After a lengthy abscence from Pirate Hunting, Zeff is back in leadership of The Pirate Hunters. Having finally recovered his precious Pirate Hunting Power Pants he is once more set on his goal of dishing out supreme and absolute justice to the Pirate Peril (in a manly way). After losing one member after the Third Battle of York and another member leaving to form the 1st Colonial Militia the Pirate Hunters are currently looking for new members. If you think you have what it takes, sign up now!

Zeff 16:40, 21 December 2006 (UTC)

Zeff has taken a short break from Pirate Hunting and is currently in York. He has made a public appearance for the glorious benifit of the hordes of rabid Pirate Hunter fans celebrating The Pirate Hunters (and Christmas) in Czechy's Tavern and spent a great deal of funds on FREE signed portraits for them all. He is also currently stocking up on supplies and trying to blackmai... err.. recruit some more members.

Zeff 12:28, 28 December 2006 (UTC)

Zeff has moved to Derby in order to investigate rumours of Piracy. He gives his full support to the peaceful Derby Hospitallers but disapproves of the violent and pro-Pirate 1st Derby Privateers - it is clear that by allying themselves with thementhatsayARRandsmell oftoomuchsardines they will bring nothing but warfare, inferior clothing and a bad smell to the town of Derby. However, despite Zeff's disapproval - the Pirate Hunters will not attack anyone within the boundries of Derby - as this will cause trouble for the good citizens that we strive to protect.

Zeff 23:23, 4 January 2007 (UTC)

PIRATE HUNTERS DISBAND Due to the overall decrease in Pirate activity, there is no longer a need for Pirate Hunters. The Pirate Hunters will surely live on in the hearts and minds of every single person (including animals) in Shartak as they strive to base every aspect of their being on their beloved and much-worshipped supreme rolemodels. There is no doubt that, having lost the Pirate Hunters, the people of Shartak will go insane with grief and loss. As they strive to replace the empty void once filled by the shining image of the Pirate Hunters, the people of Shartak will no doubt turn to depraved owl worship as they commit lewd sex acts with stone owl idols too deviant to be described in ANY newspaper, family or otherwise. It is an unfortunate fate, but the people of Shartak will surely survive with the burning image of Pirate Hunters in their minds.

Zeff 13:15, 10 May 2007 (UTC)