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A road is a lane of cleared jungle that may also cut through grassland, river, etc., which is used to quicken travel for those without trekking and prevent those without a GPS unit from getting lost. Tigers and highwaymen are major threats, and caution should be taken to avoid them by resting in any available ruin or out of sight of the trail. It is common courtesy to chop any vegetation on whatever squares you walk on.

Major Roads

Road maintenance has always been performed, but the best to to this as of yet is the Civilized Highway Society. This is what they envisioned for shartak:


Unfortunately, the inactivity of most of their members has caused road upkeep to fall into disorder, with only a handful of ununited people working at any one time. The Ubermap can show you the current situation.

The current best maintained roads are:

Other roads that still exist but are not well maintained are: