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Editing help can be found in the Help:Editing article at Wikimedia, which is a handy reference for beginning editors, or in the Mediawiki Handbook, a detailed editing guide.

As an editor, you are strongly encouraged to:

  • Preview your edits with the "Show preview" button whenever you're unsure if your edit will appear correctly. Do not save the page multiple times to review your edits. Ideally there should be only one save per editing session, otherwise the "Recent changes" page gets cluttered.
  • Sign your comments on talk pages by adding ~~~~ to the end of each one. If you don't, other editors will have to take the time to sign your comments for you with Template:Unsigned. (You can also click on the icon at the top of an edit box to have your signature added to your comment.)
  • Summarize your edits in the "Summary" boxes on edit pages. Edit summaries help to keep editors up to date on changes across the wiki.


Plural abbreviations

Abbreviations for terms that are usually read as plurals (e.g., "HP" for "hit points", "XP" for "experience points", and "AP" for "action points") should be treated as plurals unless they are prefixed by "1" or "one". Thus, "No XP are gained" is correct, while "No XP is gained" is incorrect.

Style recommendations

These recommendations represent attempts at wiki-wide consistency but are thus far completely arbitrary. Please voice any comments you have on the talk page.


The following should be capitalized wherever they appear:

The following should not be capitalized (unless they begin a sentence or header, of course):

  • Side names ("native" and "outsider").
  • Class names and NPC types ("settler", "shaman", "warrior", "soldier", "trader", "pirate", etc.).
  • Skills, which should be italicized instead ("close quarter combat", "basic tracking", etc.).
  • Animals ("shark", "wild boar", etc.).
  • Locations ("the mountain", "the shipwreck", "the tunnels", etc.).
  • Items ("machete", "healing herbs", "GPS unit", etc.).

Article and header names

The first word in each article title and header should be capitalized, but words after that should only be capitalized according to the above rules (e.g., "Mountain path", "Roads to Dalpok", "Roads to the mountain").

Plural and piped links

If a singular or similar article or redirect exists, please consider using it rather than creating a new link. Singular terms can be turned into plural links by appending the text after a link (e.g., [[Shaman]]s produces Shamans but links to Shaman). Similar terms can be turned into piped links by appending the text you want displayed after the link target (e.g., [[HP|hit points]] produces hit points but links to HP).

Broken and double redirects

Broken redirects occur when the page that a redirect points to doesn't exist. Double redirects occur when the page that a redirect points to is another redirect. Please avoid these types of redirections and fix them whenever possible.

Personal links

Please refrain from creating articles for your personal characters. It is requested that such pages be maintained on your user page. If you find one page to be too limiting, please consider using subpages, where a slash and the article name are appended to your username (e.g., User:Example/Sandbox would be Example's sandbox).


Marking articles for deletion is possible by using the {{Delete| }} template. This template can be inserted into any article, file, or category. Provided that there are no objections, deletion will generally occur in one week after nomination.

Tricks of the trade


Displays recent changes made to the wiki.


Displays all the articles that link to a specific page.


Displays all the edits made by a particular user.


Displays all the pages. By default it displays the articles in the "Main" namespace. It is possible to find all the articles in the "User" and "Template" namespace as well.


Lists all registered users. Even those without a user page created.


Helps you keep track of changes made to pages that you are interested in.