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Derby Derby Begins (Lock up the wife and kids)

Today marks the beginning of the Derby Derby, the much-awaited headhunt contest. The event, run by the WickSick Headhunters, will continue the town progression, as the last headhunt took place in Durham. It will last exactly one month, to end on the fifteenth of February. Those entered in the contest will attempt to collect as many Derby citizen kills as possible, and at the end of the month, the winner will be presented with a rare and valuable heavy sword as prize.

Both the attackers and the defenders have eagerly anticipated this event. The defenders, headed by the Derby Hospitallers and the 1st Derby Privateers, hope to avoid the mistakes made during the Durham Headhunt. They have created a defense plan to eliminate Headhunters before they can kill any civilians, and thus limit the number of casualties as much as possible. The details are, of course, confidential. Only time will tell how much effect it has, but most Derbians are confident the plan will work. The Headhunters also seem to like this prospect, and from most reports, say they will enjoy the challenge.

Through the weeks leading up to the event, things around Derby have been fairly calm. Derbians have trained their skills, sharpening blades and cleaning firearms, to prove more effective when needed. Amnesty has been made between formerly contending parties, with truces made for the duration of the Headhunt. There were few native sightings earlier on, most being preliminary scouts to discover defenses set up. A few days before the event, native sightings escalated, as Headhunters set up for the opening killing.

More news will be posted as the event continues, including death tolls on both sides, and possibly interviews with defenders.

CCTU Members Outraged by Yorkman Coverage

A recent article by the Yorkman newspaper has infuriated some colonial groups. The Yorkman wrote an article on the foundation of the Colonial Counter Terrorist Unit by York native Bauer. The CCTU, according to Bauer, is an umbrella group intended to allow the various colonial law enforcement agencies to coordinate their activities. Bauer states, “My goal really was to make it so that a criminal of Derby would be a criminal no matter what town that person visited….”

The Yorkman reported that the CCTU had absorbed both the Colonial Police and the 1st Derby Privateers, with Bauer assuming control of both groups. Bauer, Privateers’ founder Rob Zombie and Colonial Police leader Kjendlie vehemently denied this, with Zombie and Kjendlie both asserting they maintained control of their respective clans. Kjendlie called the Yorkman’s article “atrocious and wrong”, stating that he has no intention of allowing the CP to be absorbed into the CCTU. Rob Zombie temporarily withdrew the Privateers from the CCTU in response to the Yorkman article, but has rejoined after further consideration.

The Yorkman speculated that the notorious York-based secret society, the Order of Patriots, was behind the foundation of the CCTU. In response to a question about this, Bauer stated that he disagreed with some of the Order’s policies, and the Order was thus not invited to join the CCTU.

The Yorkman also noted that two significant colonial groups, the Durham Pistoleers and the Derby Hospitallers, had failed to join the CCTU. Neither group has commented directly on their decision, though Dennis Kjuit, the self-described “sort of leader“ of the Pistoleers published a letter emphasizing Durham‘s “liberal” atmosphere in comparison to its sister cities. Whether this perceived difference was the cause of the Pistoleer refusal is purely speculation.

Whatever the truth, the CCTU has been active, participating in York’s defense against the Mercenary’s Guild assault. It may be the CCTU will become yet another fixture of Shartak life.

Hale vs. Rozen

The former head of the Pirate Defense Force was recently killed by Durham Nationalist Nathan Hale. The Derby Evening Press conducted an interview with both parties recently.

Nathan Hale

Q: Firstly, can you tell us the aims of your clan towards the Pistoleers, pirates and the Jolly Roger Gang?

A: The Durham Nationalists believe that the presence of pirates in Durham, and the openly pro-pirate policies of the Pistoleers, endanger us by placing Durham on the front of the war between pirates and settlers. We also feel that whilst the Durham authorities seek to make our town a haven for pirates, the interests of the common people will always be repressed and unfulfilled. Thus, we wish to establish a free Durham where the local people are given priority, and where Pirates come to us as guests, not rulers, if at all.

A: In the short-term, this means the withdrawal of JRG and other pirate troops, the disbanding of the hopelessly corrupt Pistoleers, and the handing over of power to a people's council.

Q: Secondly, what needs to happen to the two clans and the Durham pirates for your aims to be fulfiled?

A:They all need to agree that the Durham people come first in Durham. Other than that, see above.

Q: How do you think the majority and minority of Durham will react if more pirates or Pistoleers are killed in Durham?

A: We have received messages of support and encouragement from several citizens, and we are confident that we act with the support of the common man. By showing that resistance can, and will, happen, we will continue to inspire the people of Durham. As the campaign continues, an increasing amount of our enemies' resources will be tied up in combatting us, which will relieve the pressure on other groups attempting to exist within Durham, and you can expect to see a significant increase in freedom and activity in Durham.

Q: Finally, what do you think of the decision the Healers Of Shartak made by allowing a pirate into thier clan?

A: We do not consider this to be an issue relevent to our campaign - the Healers of Shartak are an innoffensive group and we deal with them on a case-by-case basis.

Rozen's Interview

Q: Rozen, how do you feel about the actions of the Durham Nationalists, not just in your recent incident, but overall?

A: I feel that the Nationalists are acting in the town's best interests, putting the Durhamites first sounds like a good plan to me. But i think they've got thier views a little askew. The Pistoleers and JRG aren't as closely allied as say, the Eastern Federation, but they're on good terms; the JRG certainly dont want to rule Durham, or put pirates first there. We're happy as being guests, but guests aren't often killed in the middle of helping heal a haunting.

Q: How do you think the Pistoleers will respond to the attack on them?

A: I haven't heard any news on this, being far away from Durham at this point, but i'd expect the Pistoleers to make a swift retaliation, if they haven't already. I wouldn't be suprised if Durham turns into an outsider clan battleground like York soon. If the Pistoleers need help, then the JRG or Scurvy Crew may come and protect their traders, and the Nationalists may bring in their mates...if they have any *laughs*

Q: Do you plan on returning to Durham? If so, how are you going to stay alive?

A: I'd expect Hale to have seen some kind of sense by the time i arrive; I'm not the black hand of Cap Edwards, i'm just a rumrunner, FAK dealer and explorer causing no trouble to nobody, honest. I'll be in Durham Medical, with another healer if he's still around, I would hope that my deeds of charity in Durham will go blessedly unnoticed this time, if it means i dont have to take a long walk again.

Q: Finally, what are your plans for Mr. Hale?

A: I'm actualy going to be a gentleman about this, surprising for a pirate, I know. If he harms me or anybody who I've come to know from my stays in Durham, then I'll be forced to kill him. But if he leaves me and my friends be, then I'll just carry on running backwards and forwards from the wreck to Durham, selling my stuff and applying my trades.

Derby Troops Return Home

With the return of Hospitallers Jack Molay and James Barnes, Derby has effectively withdrawn from the ongoing battle between the York Alliance and a loose coalition led the Mercenary's Guild. The York Alliance consists of the Colonial Police, 1st Colonial Militia, and the Order of Patriots. The Hospitallers had sided with the York Alliance as a result of their treaty with the Colonial Police. The Mercenary's Guild has called in its allies in the Jolly Roger Gang and the 1st Imperial Privateers. At this point, the situation is unknown. Negotiations appear to be non-existent.