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Most Valuable Shaman-Updater

You deserve an award for your continuous updating of the various roaming shaman. However, i don't know how this works. but yeah, you deserve an award! -Elegost 09:33, 11 June 2007 (UTC)

Some kind of Forum Template user those boxes you used to make, Ele, if you know what i mean. One that says 'This user is a Shaman Watcher, and deserves a medal' with a picture of a...err...medal. Yeah. --Rozen 10:59, 11 June 2007 (UTC)

Is that Vin Diesel with some WoW Shaman pants and a priest staff I see? --Wulla-mullung 02:26, 16 June 2007 (UTC)

shhh! don't spread it around. hehe yeah, its Vin Diesel. I went image searching for video game shamans. and he popped out, and i was like.. cool, that'll work. Seriously, i love the pic. i edited it for the template though. it was more like a promotional poster. here's the link to the orig pic. [[1]] -Elegost 14:07, 16 June 2007 (UTC)

Thanks for the award! --Johan Crichton 00:41, 19 June 2007 (UTC)

Declaring war?

I don't quite follow? What is this war you talk of? I believe that you have come to some sort of missunderstanding. --Big Kahuuna 10:21, 21 December 2007 (UTC)

Never mind. I see what you where refering too. It is not war we are looking for. It's merely defense. The necromancers way is a hard one, not all see things our way. Also I believe Etherdrifter was aiming at ways we can sell the idea of living with the spirits to other natives. If we can show that it grants imense power to help the natives, then maybe more would see things our way. -- Big Kahuuna 10:25, 21 December 2007 (UTC)
I think the problem you have is that your "living with the spirits" equals "xp farming with spirits" to a lot of players - it's distasteful to them, and something you're unlikely to change anyone's views on. Having one of your group threaten Once we can hold wiksik's we may set up posts in the other 2 native villages as with malevolance, 4 spirits and 2 shaman can wipe out everyone in a building. isn't going to help. --Johan Crichton 20:04, 21 December 2007 (UTC)
I can see how you'd come to this conclusion if this was written on your talkpage or your group page but now, as it happens, this is written on my talkpage as part of a discussion between a groupmate and me. I fail to see how anyone can see this as thretening somone. That would be equal to calling somone a playerkiller for calculatin how many rifle shots it takes to take one player down. On another not, the image I uploaded taht you marked for deletion. I've commented on that on the image's talkpage. I had frogotten to put it on watch so sorry for taking 4 days to notice. -- Big Kahuuna 16:17, 23 December 2007 (UTC)

Recent Changes

Sorry for spamming the recent changes page. I'll try my best to keep the edits to a minimum in future, if this is of any trouble for you. Thanks for the "preview"-tip. I'll use it from now on.-- { Alien Pirate Demon } Talk! | Juice! 02:23, 23 January 2008 (UTC)

Much obliged

Thank you for clearing up the Possessed image. Sorry for being hard on you about it a year ago. Take care. (Thought you'd might want to keep the link save in the bottom, so I posted over it instead of under it. Hope it's to your liking.) --Big Kahuuna 11:21, 6 October 2008 (UTC)

Links I might want again

These are just links I don't seem to be able to watch, so I'm saving them here --Johan Crichton 22:21, 28 January 2008 (UTC):


Main Page

Happy to change its title. Its a feature that was in use on Wikipedia to attract attention to recent noteworthy additions. Whenever I went to Wikipedia I would always take a look to see what new articles had been added. Certainly beats trawling through the Recent Changes link in the navigation box. In addition, its some small recognition (a form of advertising of thier efforts) for those people who are contributing to the wiki - and there aren't that many of those any more. - Dave

Anti-Spam Knight

By the power invested in me by absolutely no-one I proclaim thee the anti-spam knight. Just logged on and looked through the recent updates, well done that man for fighting the evil spam bots. *Hands you a shiny bansword to slay them with and a banhammer to make sure they stay dead*

A thanks from someone who spent a good while updating this wiki.--Etherdrifter 01:50, 11 September 2009 (UTC)

Spam accounts

Can't you just disable the creation of new accounts for a couple of weeks? Hopefully by then the spammers will go away. --oktavius 03:23, 13 October 2009 (UTC)

I think it is Simon who would have to do that, assuming it's possible. – Wulla (talk) 00:50, 18 October 2009 (UTC)

Question to the Knowledgeable

Since I am not on IRC, and there is no game communication system, I leave my question here for an active and helpful player: Why is my GPS unit no longer working? That is, it has charge, but not giving me coordinates any longer... Maunder 06:57, 6 December 2009 (UTC)

If you have more than one GPS, and the other has zero charge but is on, try turning it off. --Johan Crichton 23:54, 6 December 2009 (UTC)