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Founder of the Wiksik Tribe
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In Body


The Big Kahuuna is all knowing and wise. His wisdom is spread high above the mortal realm, therefore he sees no difference in healing a murderer or healing an innocent. He just mends broken bodies. Broken souls are to mend themselves. At least, that's what he tells people; he usually have some difficulty of dividing between a murderer and a innocent either way, drug induced as he usually is. Beyond that - he is also against exorcising spirits, claiming that he feeds of them as they feed of him.


In his physical form he resides in the Spirit Hut of Wiksik where he under the influence of mysterious herbs and berries communicates with the spirits, spread his wisdom and heal those in need. He has however been seen to stumble out of the Spirit Hut to rearrange the many totems and charms littering its outside walls. At these rare occations he's been known to apply his healing salves unto passing wounded.