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Founder of the Wiksik Tribe
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In Spirit


In his spirit form the Big Kahuuna continue to spread his wisdom to fellow shamans in the Spirit Hut. The communion with him, though painful, grants them insights into the realms of the spiritworlds where they can share the infinite wisdoms of the long since passed. He also takes his time checking up with old comrades and former spiritguides. If you're lucky and in the right mindset - you might hear him chat away about old times. Though he somtimes has considered staying in the spirit world he is usually found some days later ambling aimlessly around the nearby Wiksik Spring of Life. Usually at this point Tapran, the local shaman, pushes him in the direction of the Spirit Hut, where he is brought back to consciousness by the many fumes emited there from.


Being closely connected to the underlying totems and charms of the Wiksik Spirit Hut, the spirit of the Big Kahuuna tend to hang on to this location. That is unless somone exorcises him from the location - in wich case his spirit becomes much wrathfull.