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Founder of the Wiksik Tribe
In Body In Spirit Contact Notes/Beliefs

Gathered Wisdoms

This is Big Kahuunas collected wisdoms and shant be edited nor deleted. It may seem like random jibberish to others, but in here are the secrets of the earth, heavens and the whispering winds.

The recorded feud of the Spirit hut

A record of 6 days of feuding in the spirit hut.

The record.

Spirit hut carvings

  • Spirit Hut - A hut for healing: Sheath your weapons!" and “Exorcisms aren't abided in here!" Below it, in faintly glowing letters, it reads "Spirits - Welcome! Your wails enables us to grow!
  • Spirit Hut." Under it somone has hung several tribal charms. A small sign says: "Mortals and spirits alike - Welcome! Here we can heal your mortal wounds or listen to your imortal wails.
  • Max: 200 char

Big K's Sandbox-space


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Posessed.jpg Need neither old nor young priest
This user doesn't mind if friendly spirits posesses him. As long as they behave.

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