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Welcome to my user page. If you need to contact me, you can send me a personal message at the Shartak forum or use the Email this user function of the wiki.

Johan Crichton : The character

Johan Crichton is a character originally created for Urban Dead. After reading some graffiti in Urban Dead mentioning Shartak, Johan Crichton (a level 32 soldier) was the first character I created for Shartak. He hunts the wild animals of the Island most days.

"As a soldier stationed at Malton's army base when the quarantine laws came into effect, Johan Crichton was airdropped into the deserted city to search for survivors."

A confused looking individual in what appears to be a soldier's uniform, holding a map in front of him as he walks along.

The map appears to be of a city - NO17VW - perhaps - MALTON - if the map wasn't upside down.

He carries several guns, several machetes, and a pack that appears rather heavy from which pokes a stick with a white flag, as if to indicate that his intentions are peaceful as he explores the land that he finds himself within.

Of course, the weapons suggest that he's prepared to use violence where it's required.

Noticing your gaze upon him, he looks up, and utters a bizarre word 'MRH?' which you don't recognise. Your lack of recognition of this word seems to calm him somewhat.

Johan is still one of the two primary outsider characters I occasionally play, the other being the explorer Simeon Carter (a level 30 scientist) who managed to get ranked as the #2 explorer of all time thanks to a short visit to the edge of the world.

As of v2, I have only one primary native character - Nyarlathotep the Messenger, Vizier and Court Physician of Greater Raktam (a level 34 shaman) who spends most of his time road building and setting jungles on fire.

There were others...

Johan Crichton : The suggestions

I've recently begun a list of my suggestions from the wiki and forums.


  • Ahem*, I hereby present Johan Crichton with this. A thingy for being the most useful shaman updater! Therefore, he shall be called the Shartak Live Shaman Updater 2.0!
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