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Headhunter6.jpg Who gives you the right to come here and tell me

I have to leave this place my home

To you it's a jungle, to me it's a kingdom

Where my people are free there to roam

Born with the stars we are happy and peaceful

Til now we were left undisturbed

But you rupture the forests our gardens

And fill them with filth from your cities unheard

Savage, who is savage

Leave your morals, stake your claim

Savage, you are savage

Modern man can take the blame





Black Fang is a Wiksik native who lived in the Empty Quarter in the NE of Shartak. He was driven from his home by outsider incursions. As a consequence he became politicised and aggressively defended the freedoms of the natives of Shartak.

Black Fang learned his history and politics from Shartak's wisest shamen. He chose to create a native state based upon the ancient Kingdom Of Skulls. He assumed the mantle of Grand Tyrant of the Kingdom, an area centred upon Wiksik that is a haven for all natives. Within the Kingdom those who kill natives are hunted as outlaws. When the Kingdom Of Skulls was at the height of its powers Black Fang abdicated from the Skull Throne. He journeyed to the spirit realms to meet his ancestors.

Black Fang returned from the spirit realm to act as a conduit for his warlike ancestors. Literally and figuratively possessed by malign forces he wanders the jungles of Shartak as an outcast, one of The Damned, feared by the very people he sought to protect.


On Shartak it is the law of the jungle that prevails and "survival of the fittest" applies to everyone.


Lord-of-the-trees.jpg Noble Savage
Black Fang is a proud Native.

Standrews-flag.JPG Scottish
This user is proudly Scottish.

Headhunter small.gif Headless Outsider Initiative
Black Fang actively supports the Headless Outsider Initiative.