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The Kingdom Of Skulls (KOS) is a pro-native clan ruled from the Skull Throne in Wiksik. The official in-game clan page may be found here.

The KOS was founded to serve a number of in-game purposes:

  • to promote the roleplaying aspect of the Shartak MMORPG.
  • to create an active pro-native organisation.
  • to offer assistance to new characters.
  • to be inclusive of all character types.

The KOS organises itself in-game and via discussion threads on the Native section of the official Shartak forum.



The elder shamen of Shartak have returned from a secret council with their cousin Hodrali. The council has issued the following proclamation:

Let it be known that the Ancestors have smiled upon the people of Skull Island and have decreed that the Great Exile has ended. From this day forth the people of Wiksik, Raktam and Dalpok shall no longer shun their cousins in Rakmogak. Those natives of Shartak who embrace their kin as allies in the struggle against the wicked outsiders will be looked upon favourably by the Ancestors.

Furthermore it has been decreed that now is the time for the ascension of the rightful heir to the Skull Throne. Blessings will be heaped upon any man or woman who aids this cause.