The Rakmogaki Collective

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The Rakmogaki Collective
In-game page
Leadership: Edward Theodore Gain, Jaws, The Munch
Members: Cannibals only
Goals: Spreading the fear of cannibals across the entire island
Recruitment policy: Any cannibal interested in making the Collective strong can join
Contact: Here

A Horde of Death That Will Plague the Land.


  • Making the Rakmogaki Clan the strongest force on Shartak.
  • Solidarity among cannibal brothers and sisters.
  • Fighting together to preserve the Cannibal culture.
  • Spread the fear of the cannibals to the entire island.

Notable Members

Current Members

Retired Members

Foreign Relations

The Collective have no foreign allies, though several individual members have made allies with various groups and such. On a whole, the Collective are enemies with everyone but fellow cannibals.

Cannibal Treasures

Several Cannibal Treasures have been taken by various natives and outsiders alike. As they are found, they will be posted here.

Allied Groups

Clan's History

The magical mists that separated Rakmogak from the rest of Shartak eventually evaporated a few years ago, and since then, the Collective has led numerous attacks at the mainlanders, be it natives or outsiders.

The Collective's history has been a violent one. Grunk the Pale has realized that many of the other settlements hold various treasures that the cannibals have created, and has fought to reclaim them. So far, they have recovered the Obisidan Spear, the Bludgeon of Mal, and Kalmogal's glove.

During the holy month of Kril'Mangar (Calendar dates of April 5th to May 4th), the Collective celebrate this individual by trying to feast on an enemy once per day.

What people don't realize about the Collective is that they don't care if you kill one of their members or attack their village. They'd rather keep bringing the fight to your homebase. If a cannibal was stupid enough to be killed, then he obviously deserved it, and should use his next life to try to make themself better.

Grunk the Pale passed on in late July, holding a contest to see who deserved to reign the Collective once he passed. Jaws, the Munch and Edward Theodore Gein were the winners of this contest.