Cult of the Sky-Blood

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Cult of the Sky-Blood
Leadership: Tasty
Members: Every Rakmogaki
Goals: To enlighten the Children of Rakmogak
Recruitment policy: When you join Rakmogak, you are already part of us
Contact: Rakmogak Medical Hut

The Cult of the Sky-Blood is a social-political group in the village of Rakmogak. Led by the old Tasty the Cannibal, The Elder Cannibal, the Cult of the Sky-Blood continues to provide guidance and counsel for the Rakmogaki population.

The Elder Cannibal

The Elder Cannibal is the head of the Cult and resides in the House of Dried Herbs, his frail health tended to by the teeming cannibal population. Only the wisest and most calm of Cannibals ever become Elder, due to the paternal nature of the position.

The Elder acts as a father figure to the Rakmogaki and provides advice on dealing with any particular situation, whether it is simple or great. The advice or the words of the Elder are not binding. The listener can choose to heed the words or discard and act in his own manner.

The wisdom of the Elder Cannibals are said to be very wise and moving. Some scholars of the outsider and native worlds have attempted to seek out Rakmogak's famed Elder Cannibals, though it is not known whether they have succeeded or failed because they did not return.

Hierarchy of the Cult of the Sky-Blood

  • Elder Cannibal - Tasty the Cannibal is the head of the Cult and the father-figure to all Rakmogaki.
    • Elder Healer - Ash is young by the norms of the Elders. He showed great skill in the arts of healing the frail Elder Cannibal. He is also the counselor to all Rakmogaki who wish to become doctors and surgeons for the greater good of Rakmogak and not necessarily Shartak.
    • Elder Cook - Cannibal Cook is the counselor to all Rakmogaki who want to become excellent chefs, skilled in the cuisine of Rakmogak.
    • The Swords - By tradition, there are one to five at a time, but when times are difficult they are raised to five. They are the chief protectors of the Elders and are the Cult's Honor Guard, to guard the Cult's... honor.
      • First Sword - Mingeater, the Commander of the Swords. He makes swift decisions regarding the honor of the Cult.
        • Second Sword -
        • Third Sword -
        • Fourth Sword -
        • Fifth Sword -

Concerning Cannibals, Natives and Others

It is frowned upon by Rakmogaki society to feast upon other Rakmogaki. The blood of Rakmogaki is sacred and must not be spilled by other Rakmogaki without proper justification.

The blood of the Mainland Natives are sweet and warm. It is considered normal to partake of their blood whenever possible. There are few exceptions to this, one of them being named Skull Face, who proved to be bitter and cold.

The blood of the Other Pale Two-Legs that inhabit the jungles to the south coast is said to be very delicious. Although unproven, we believe this to be true. A member of the cult must prove this soon.

Ritual of Sky-Blood

It is a tradition for every cannibal, before killing and feasting on mainlanders, to perform the Ritual. The first Elder Cannibal, whose name we do not know, created the Ritual just before he died. He was brutally attacked by a ferocious tiger on the mainland and it raised its claws to the sky and roared. It was in that moment that the Elder wrote down the ritual, inspired by the fury of the tiger.

Before beginning the attack, a Cannibal must first circle around his prey. Then and only then can one attack. Once the prey is wounded and dying, the Cannibal must raise his hands to the sky to draw the power to kill and unleash a loud roar to get his blood flowing as to absorb as much power as possible. Then can the mainlander be killed.

Various Traditions and Other Things to Note

  • The appointing of Elders to replace a recently deceased Elder is to be done in the Rakmogak House of Dried Herbs or commonly known as the Healing Hut. There are different types of blood to be used for each of the four available positions.
    • Elder Cannibal - Lion blood
    • Elder Healer - Blood of a young tiger
    • Elder Cook - Alligator Blood
    • The Swords - Blood of a boar
  • A special blood appointment was done for The Dark Hunter, we bathed him in the blood and entrails of several goats, as he was named the Lord of Rakgomak.

Affiliates, Sponsors and Etc

  • The Rakmogaki Collective - They ensure the physical growth of the people of Rakmogak, while we ensure the spiritual and social growth.

Elder Cannibal Wisdom

  • The high ground is easier to defend, and easier to attack from. The low ground, on the other hand, is often wet and full of mosquitoes.
  • A full-house beats a flush. A sword beats a full-house.
  • The greatest victory is when all their base are belong to you before you set them up the bomb.
  • Losing a war is the surest path to defeat in war.
  • Who's the more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him?
  • If your enemy wins the battle, you did not.