The Quest for the Obsidian Spear

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Scroll.PNG This is a historical article, describing a past event or events that occurred on Shartak.


The fetid swamps behind him, Grunk the Pale stood on a beach, facing the ocean. The salt air felt cleansing on his skin. The tiger from before was still nearby, stalking him, or merely waiting to share in the cannibals next kill, Grunk did not know or care. He was remembering a story from the past, one told to him by his Elders.

Years Ago

The fire crackled in the background, giving heat to the otherwise cold dark cave. A group of young cannibals sat around the firelight, watching an Elder with rapt attention. He was telling them a story, a story of their past.

“This story is a story about our Gods, the Dark Ones the natives call them, but we call them the Earth Gods. They blessed us with our way of life, our way of thinking, and our own skills.” The Elder held up a spear for the children to look at.

The first thing young Grunk noticed was the spear was black, completely black. The black seem to absorb the light of the fire.

“This spear we were recently able to fashion from the rock found underground, which our Gods led to us. The rock is what we have called Obsidian, and we fashioned this spear out of it. It is harder than any of our current weapons, and much harder than the machetes that those island natives use…”


The tiger growling woke Grunk from his reverie. Grunk turned to look at the reason why the tiger was growling. A fellow Cannibal, the massive Khali emerged of the forest growth.



The two cannibals took that as a greeting. Khali approached, dragging a fresh kill behind him.

“Mine.” Said Khali.

“Yes, I know.”

“Good.” Khali sat down on a nearby rock and began to eat. Grunk let him have his feast before asking Khali a question. The sun began to set in the background.

“What happened to the Obsidian Spear.” Asked Grunk.

“What are you talking about?” replied Khali, throwing the offal to the tiger, “And why does this tiger follow you?”

“The tiger follows cause it seems to get free food from me. I think he’s secretly waiting for me to put my guard down. And the Obsidian Spear, what do you know of it?”

“I know the weak willed natives call it the Spear of the Accursed Ancients.”

Grunk looked surprised, “I was in Dalpok for a while, and I heard some of them talking about it. They said a pirate was talking about a black spear, that never broke, and that they are hoarding it in the shipwreck of theirs as treasure”

Grunk lifted a finger, farther down the beach the looming wooden structure known as the shipwreck stood out against the setting sun.

“They hoard our heritage, no one should do that. Khali, I say we dine on pirates till they give it back to us.”

“I’m always hungry.” Responded Khali smiling.

“Good.” Muttered Grunk, and the two cannibals blended into the forest as the sun set on the island of Shartak.

The Contest

The Quest for the Obsidian Spear is a cannibal contest. The winner of said contest gains the spear itself (a prize that Simon will bestow your character) and 50 gold coin credit to Shivering Timbers.

Initial Scoring Points All kills need to be logged in Underworld (post a link when you make the kill, kill counts only from level three and above)

  • Any kill (exc. cannibals and peacefuls) +1
  • Slaughterer (+100 Native Kills) = +5
  • Butcher (50-99 Native Kills) = +3
  • Killer (20-49 Native Kills) = +2
  • Aspiring killer (1-19 Native Kills) = +1
  • Pirate +3
  • Peaceful (0 Kills) = -5 (All bonus points null on these targets)
  • Cannibal = -5 (All bonus points are null on these targets)

Bonus Points Screen Shots needed for Bonus points to be effective. All Screen Shots should be posted in this thread or sent to me via PM if you want to be Anonymous.

  • First Feast on victim = +3
  • Additional Feast on victim = +1
  • Taunting (said after killing character, teabagging doesn't count) = +1
  • Healing a Fellow Cannibal that is participating in the contest (For Every Healing Herb used) = +1

The contest begins on January 11th (midnight server time). Before that time you should stock up on herbs and clubs and get yourselves to the wreck, though you can kill a pirate anywhere, the wreck does have the greatest concentration of them. All contestants should either post their cannibal profile here, or send me the profile over PM if they want to be anonymous. The contest ends when someone reaches a total of 300 points or has the most points at the end of February 11th (midnight server time).

Special Rules Changes

Due to an influx of smaller level pirates when the cannibals initially invaded, the rules changed to affect all levels, not just above level three.

Also, the older more cunning pirates returned to try to protect their shipwreck. Due to them returning, the rules changed to make them worth double points.

The Contestants

Participants comprised mainly of Rakmogak's finest champions, including the monstrous Khali, the cunning Grunk, the gastronomically-selective Mingeater, Narktan, your teeth, members of the Bone Gnawers clan, and the ever resourceful underdog, Nihilo.


The contestants ate over 123 pirates during the three week long raid, this does not include the other cannibals who were around the shipwreck during the time of the raid itself.

The Spear, Found

The fabled spear

Grunk was in a pitched fight. The cannibals gained a foothold on the ship, overtaking the galley and hold, now searching a cabin for any traces of the spear. Pirates were thick here, the older more cunning ones arriving at the last moment, refusing to let the cannibals gain their heritage back.

"Well then you stinking native, you smell almost as bad as Bellamy over there!" said the pirate, who was cornering Grunk into the cabin wall. Grunk's back hit the rotten wood. Khali, who was dueling with Bellamy, and another pirate, roared, trying to dispose of his adversaries, but failing.

"OH! Got past your guard there, didn't I?" said the pirate dueling Grunk, knocking the wooden club to the side, and scoring a hit with his cutlass through Grunk's shoulder. Grunk growled.

"You will pay for that pirate."

"Oh really," said the pirate assuming a quizzical face, "I don't think so, cause see I'm holding this cutlass, and it's about to go through your...."

The pirate stopped in mid-sentence. The reason was a spear, black as night, was shoved through his skull, parting it like a knife through a banana. Grunk smiled. "Khali, we found the treasure."

Khali laughed, throwing a dead pirate over his shoulder, "And look at the young one who found it."

The cannibal who was holding the spear was small for a cannibal, in fact, Grunk wasn't sure the man was a cannibal at all. He feasted on flesh more often than other cannibals, though he still hasn't reached Khali levels yet, he would get there soon enough. Flesh would seem to decay on his bones, and if the young one didn't eat, he looked even worse. With the spear in his hands, his eyes glowed with their own inner blackness.

"Grunk, I have found the treasure."

"Excellent work Nihilo, you know what to do with it."

Below them, a pirate screamed in pain. Nihilo neatly skewered the pirate with spear, "Yes I do."

Grunk roared in approval, and the three cannibals feasted on pirate flesh. As they left, a darkness descended on Shartak.

The cannibals are a force to be feared.

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