The Caravan Of Shartak

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General Information

The Caravan of Shartak (COS for short) is a clan devoted to serving the needs of villagers at Wiksik, Raktam, Dalpok, and the shipwreck. This clan is only for those people who can spend the time and be devoted to helping the people of Shartak!

If you want to join you are required to have basic language and it's preferred to have trekking, advanced language, and combat skills. We offer other services such as firefighting, trading, road maintenance, and town maintenance.


These are the Services that COS offers.


  • Chopping roads down to D1 (so people with trekking still move at an advantage)
  • putting up signposts
  • getting rid of graffiti
  • Maintaining the jungle


  • Self Explanatory


These are the Good we currently trade in.

Trade Route

Our trade route is as follows


The leader of the COS is poisonous soldier for now. if you have any questions contact him in-game at Wiksik, or in the forums by PM (his handle is yodas minion).

It's not much but it's just the average stock. If you are going to be in a town we stop at then if there is something special you want or need. just request for it at the Shartak forums by PM or in the clan thread for the COS.

Current News

April 2010 - The COS is currently in a war against the Kingdom of Skulls. as we believe that Wiksik should continue to have peace, prosperity, and free trade once more.