Exploration Skills

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Exploration Skills

The main purpose of these skills is too help one get across the island of Shartak quicker, survive in the jungle longer, and with the knowledge of where they have been. Two classes benefit from a greatly increased movement rate through the jungle itself, the native Scout and the outsider Explorer.


Helps you remember some of the places you've been - Enables the "Map" button, which gives you a large-scale map of places you've visited while alive and haven't forgotten.

Crossing the specific area of the river, the Munch knew he passed here before. He could still see the bloodstains of his kill on the rock over there.


Stops you forgetting anywhere you've visited - While Exploration enables the map, this skill allows one to remember more of the map. This helps with exploration of the island, so if one is trying to map the whole island, they don't need to continuously go over the same spaces. Requires Exploration to learn.

Looking over the top of the trees, Oktavius finished his map with a flourish. He had finally mapped the entire island.


Faster movement through the jungle - Makes movement through grassland, beach, and d1-d6 jungle terrain cost 0.5 AP instead of 1AP. Requires Exploration to learn.

Cobalt Manticore moved quickly through the jungle, sure of every step, and using the uneven terrain to even propel himself quicker.


Faster movement through water - Makes movement through water cost 1 AP instead of 2AP as well as making movement through deep water costs 2 AP instead of 3AP. This skill also helps movement through swamp tiles. Requires Exploration to learn.

Knowing criminals were in the wilderness drove Serious Sam to learn how to swim. He dealt out his brand of justice, whether it was on land or in the water.

Survival - Firecraft

Knowledge of how to create, control and use fires - Reduces cost of tinder making from 3AP to 1AP. See Campfire for more information on the fire mechanic. Requires Exploration to learn.

The fire flickered to life, created from the multitude of driftwood on the island, the Prisoner settled down awaiting word of his next contract from the Boss.