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The Sharks
Members: 1
Goals: Rise up from Rakmogak
Recruitment policy: Cannibals only (see below)


Rakmogak: a slum village shunned by the ordinary natives of Shartak island. Home to the outcast cannibals of Shartak. Its people are hated, feared, and persecuted.

Not all cannibals are created equal. Some, possessed of unusual strength of will and presence of mind, have banded together for mutual benefit. They are The Sharks a clan of human predators who answer only to themselves. They will stop at nothing in their quest for wealth and for a life beyond the squalid confines of Skull Island.

OOC Comments

The Sharks are an RP clan i.e. the ability to do some form of roleplaying is a requirement for membership. The idea for The Sharks is drawn from various US street gangs e.g. the Bloods and the Crips from the ghettos of Los Angeles, the Hells Angels, the Triads...