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Discuss the articles in this issue here. Although, be nice, or we may be forced to liberally splatter your comments with asterisks!

Good job Yorkman editors! You got a special news just for you! Awesome read! keep up the good work! Elegost55

Winners and Losers

Very interesting to see the statistics. The defenders did get their act together towards the end, but that was after Kjendlie spending several days constantly dead. Well done to all involved. Oh and I love the line "We’re not going to say, because, well, we fear for our lives." Pure genius.--Tom Failur 10:50, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

UPDATE: It turns out that the OoP sustained one casualty during the invasion, which was not previously logged on the underworld. --The Yorkman 18:06, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

  • The stats are wrong and misleading because they fail to mention that around two-thirds of the CP "deaths" were me... Once we got into the swing of things, the CP and allies were killing 5 or 6 of them a day it seems, and excluding me (who stood in the CPHQ all the time--baiting them to attack me), they were lucky to get 3 kills.
  • BUT, and this is important, THIS IS ALL INSIGNIFICANT. I repeat: None of these kills/deaths stuff matters at all. In a battle like this it matters little which side inflicts greater casualties, but rather who holds the field at the end of the day, the relative position of the opposing armies after the battle, which side withdrew and in what shape, and so on. In this regard, the regard that truly matters, we have seen a resounding Victory for the York Alliance, as the MG withdrew in shame once again, after yet another of their violent waves of aggression was turned back.
  • I assume the Yorkman used the Underworld resource. Now, we know for a fact that The_malice and his cronies were insistent upon logging every single kill they made. The CP and allies were not so fanatically insistent on this, i dont think it was even mentioned in our internal communications. I personally logged a lot of our kills, but there were many kills that went unrecorded.
  • The article says that the stats areonly counted since 19 February? I assume this is a misprint and it is meant to read "January", or else Yorkman ommitted a month's worth of the battle!
  • I wonder if Simon would be willing or able to release true death/kill logs (means of death, time, date.) for every time all the combatants died since 19 January. That would be interesting and since they would be official there would be 0 chance for statistical error.
  • Here is something interesting: As of 15 January 07 (days before the Second MG Invasion/Bloodbath began), I had died 33 times. As of the end of the Invasion, that number stood at 79! Assuming that around four-fifths of these 46 kills were by MG thugs and their allies (the remainder being nutcases and idiots like 5punk-criminal "Here to kill lacuna"), that means they killed me 37 times. Total CP deaths: 66. Kjendlie deaths: 37.
  • So, should be a second statistic below the official CP death count in that chart:
Non-Kjendlie CP kills: 29

--Kjendlie 00:57, 9 March 2007 (UTC)!

UPDATE: Corrected the month. Checked the stats and they're all correct, it was just that we wrote 'feb' instead of 'jan'. No comment on the rest of Kj's post.

No comment? I think it is worth at least mentioning in the article that most of the MG thugs' kills were of me. Even simply as an interesting side note if nothing else. I acted as bait for those clowns to save the lives of civilians (if they hadnt killed me they'd still have lots of AP to waste, and would've killed civilians, then "maybe" claim that the civilians were spies for the CP of secret CP officers, or something. That's how those MG are, ya know. (Best of all would be if "The Wise Spirits" [Simon] would release complete kill/death logs for the period in question for all involved, as I said. Every time/date of every death and kill, and means of death.) -Kjendlie, CP officer.

Elections to be Held in Durham

We, the Pistoleers resent the way this case is covered in The Yorkman. We have in no way bowed to the nationalists. The are only two reasons why we have agreed to take part in this election. First, to stop the violence in Durham. Second, to give the people of Durham a chance to show, that they agree on the Pistoleers ideal of a free, friendly and open Durham, as opposed to the aggressive isolationist approach, put forth by Nathan Hale and his compadres. We are sure, that the election will favor a liberal openminded candidate.

We have in no way "agreed in principle to all of their demands", we have just grown tired with being called puppets of every bogeyman group on Shartak and being deemed killers and executioners. The election will show, that the ideals of the Pistoleers, is the ideals of Durham. - Dennis Kuijt, Feb 5th

Technically, the Nationalists made demands, and you agreed to those, in principle. We apologise if you feel the way we presented that fact was unflattering. --The Yorkman 18:06, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

Trouble Out East

York Alliance Accused of ‘Nationalist Leanings’

Infoman? Haha. There's the same guy on another game I play and he's a real moron over there... so right here... 'tis none better. -el Che 13:31, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

Privateers Place Bounty on Kahuni

UPDATE: Kahuni is still alive this morning.

Colonial Militia Leave York Alliance

...and now to quote me 10 issues of The Yorkman back talking about Serious Sam.... In my opinion, a guy that can leave the Pro-York side so easily is a threat in itself. .... I really doubt that you are a Pro-Yorker. You talk of stop defending York very easily. You wave it around as an empty threat, trying to make people afraid. Where will you go from York? Stay in York and be killed, or go somewhere -else? Good luck with THAT. -el Che 13:38, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

-To clarify a few points. I have not left the Pro-York side you moron. I have left the 'Alliance' this does not change my stance on the protection of York. The Militia will always help York in it's time of need. Unlike the Derby privateers we will never forget our friends. The Clan is also Shartak wide and we will be moving on to fulfill our promises of aiding the pro-outsider cause in the other towns. Where is none of your business you little stirrer. The CM will be deploying around York for the upcoming 'York Cup' (aka Dork Cup). Until then we have things to do elsewhere following the establishment of a secure perimeter around the York peninsula. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Yorkman for it's unbiased approach to the situation and should they require more information then i will be happy to provide such. So Che, no one cares what you think, for once drop your senseless ramblings. I'm not the one who got his medals stripped and alliance revoked by the Order for being a traitor. If anyone is a threat it's a communist traitor who owes his allegiance to pirates. -Captain Sam 'Serious' Stone

Derbians Die! Defenders Plant Garden

Cool, Jack's flower pot got a special mention. Too bad someone chopped it down and broke Jack's heart. -elegost55

Pirate Defence Force May Reform

Keep an eye out for us. Expect a newer, bigger, shinier and sharper PDF to form some time soon. Rozen