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This is proof that we're cool and that you should drop whatever group you're in and join us instead.

Job Offerings/Deals

  • Yarr! Avast ye, scurvy dogs! Raid on Dalpok 60 squar's sou'east of the traders outpost! Bring yer cutlasses mates! Yarr, we dogs need yeh. I don't know what teh others are offern yeh, but as a pirate meself, I'll give 21 gold coins me self. It'll all go to the cause! That leaves me alt character with 10 in booty, but this raid shoul' clear dat up. Yarr harr harr! Capn Booty

Arr. I may have a job fer ya, if yer up to it: to keep the mountain and the surounding area free o' savages. Outsiders are fine, unless they've killed pirates. I be willing to negotiate on a price with ye.--Wifey 01:28, 15 May 2006 (BST)

Much faster than I expected people to start offering us jobs. Give us a day or two to get settled down and we'll get back to you. The group was just made about a half hour ago. :) - Erados 01:33, 15 May 2006 (BST)
So I noticed. I had seen you post the image on "Recent Changes," and was curious as to where the image was going. So I stuck around.--Wifey 01:38, 15 May 2006 (BST)
Well, I'm glad we're already noticed. I'm sure our exploits at the Durham/York road got us some reputation, too, but that's just negative attention. - EradosMG 01:41, 15 May 2006 (BST)

Me again. I have a job for you. Jessalyn is a continuing pain and has killed many a Derbian. Name you price. I will take your word that you killed him, so no proof will be needed. MajesticNinja

Okay, I have been randomly killed several times now, in more or less the same spot. I say randomly because I did not pick York, nor do I give a darn about some "contract" you claim to have. I assume your response will be "we are roleplaying mercenaries". Cool, I'm roleplaying an old man who does not wear a nametag that says, "I am from York". Mercenaries? I assume this gig is a shake down for you. How much for a one person exclusion from the contract? Because, this is getting mildly annoying. Nosimplehiway

My apologies, but we do not exclude people. The rich could make themselves invulnerable from us that way. We are roleplaying mercenaries. Our kills are random out of all Yorkmen available for us to kill at that time. Once again, I'm sorry if we're pissing you off but we're only doing our job. -- EradosMG 02:28, 14 October 2006 (UTC)

Okeydoke. I am just curious. What were the exact terms of your contract? I mean, is this a regularly salaried job or was it a one time fee? Were you to attack the village? Wander in a search pattern to find Yorkers? Sit in empty squares in heavy jungle waiting for the offchance that one shows up? Because just a thought, but whoever is paying you might be interested in knowing that you have killed the same old man, low level character in the same spot three (or was it four?) days in a row. (My memory is a little vague, because I don't consider getting killed a big, big deal. Just an annoyance. I am in this for sheer exploration.)

If your employer is trying to oppose York in a meaningful way, this is not a good bang for their buck. Killing York's shaman, yeah. Killing the trader, yeah. Finding some high-level movers and shakers in the village, yeah. But I was on the other side of the swamp, nowhere near the village. My guess is they paid you to attack York and Yorkers, and instead you found me and my travel habits. You are increasing your number of York kills on your profile without going anywhere near the village and without taking any risk whatsoever.

It's kind of like China convincing Germany to invade Russia, but instead Germany just kills one Russian immigrant cleaning lady in Berlin every week. Technically, it is attacking a Russian, but I highly doubt it is what the employer had in mind. If number of kills is what you need, fine. Meet me in York. I was just picking fruit in the jungle, I can do that closer to home. You get more York kills, and I save some time. If I were that employer, though, I would want to renegotiate the terms, and maybe get a refund, since looking at your profile, he really has no way whatsoever to know you are doing your job. Even screenshots can be easily faked in photoshop.

Or, on the other hand, maybe you just enjoy killing folks (unresolved childhood anger issues, anyone?)and like to pretend there is a contract of some sort to back it up. Fair enough, roleplaying is cool, but I will remind you that historically, mercenaries were always more than happy to turn on their employer, or grant a private exclusion for enough cash. As for the rich making themselves more invulnerable than poor people, umm, well, yeah. That's kind of the point of a mercenary, isn't it?. Nosimplehiway


MajesticNinja : : Hoping to set up Mercenary Post in Derby if allowed to jion

Mr Ninja first of all who are you? And second of all why are you changing our wiki? We've got more then enough ways to contact us. You could even write something here in discussion page. Preferably go to one of the forums which are listed at the bottom of our page.

Thank you. - Wojciech

Sorry. I'm just a simple hunter who's bored with eating aligator. Seriosly, I would like to jion your group, but if not, forget it. MajesticNinja P.S. Hav'nt got my talk page up, just write reply here and I hate forums(long story)

None offence was taken. If you're bored with aligators you are welcome to join. But I just don't think we could work efficiently if you wasn't signed on our forum. Therefore if you would like to join I insist you sign here. - Wojciech

I hate the word 'insist'. In fact, I hate it when people try to insult you or tell you what to do politely. WHATS THE POINT?!!! I'll jion on one condition, I stay in Derby, or the surrounding jungle. I will jion when you reply(I will jion the forum, its just I'm the leader of a group on Urban Dead, and I have to spend ages on that forum every day. Plus my alt is the ships surgeon for the Strumpet. COMPLICATED!!!) Ninja

Alright, we don't mind if you join, but we don't want you to set up a mercenary post in Derby. We're not stationary. If we'd stay in the area we were it'd be dreadfully boring - and dangerous. We can't allow the option between group Derby or Group York - that'd ruin the whole point of traveling together. Sorry, but I'm going to have to decline. Either join the group and travel with us or don't join at all. If we stop by at Derby, you can join with us then and travel with us but we can't allow you to form a sub-group. -- EradosMG 02:29, 19 May 2006 (BST)

Sorry. I stay in Derby. Ninja

Everyone has a home. Sorry we couldn't find a common ground -- EradosMG 04:35, 20 May 2006 (BST)

Thanks for understanding. I might jion in the future, or when you come through Derby. But I'm still in my training regime and I've got alot of friends here. Call me when you pass through Derby. Cheers. Ninja P.S. Just curious, how did you do your picture inyour profile Dashing Derek?

Shouldn't it be "Mercenaries' Guild"? --LouisB3 01:39, 1 June 2006 (BST)

Umm, its the Mercenary's Guild, not the Societa's Eruditorum. When they were kid's and Professor Grammarsfathom was teaching apostrophe and it's proper usage, they were in Juvie making signs: "Asassinashun's 2 for 5 gold while u wait". [sic x six] --Tycho the grammar-bludgeoning Pirate 15:48, 21 June 2006 (UTC)

Where have you guys moved too? You just up and left Durham...B4ll54ck kill3r 22:53, 25 September 2006 (UTC)

Just going to where the work is. ...Endzone

Everything Else

Dashing Derek, in his fine, garish clothing, is proud to be a member of such an adventurous clan of scalliwags. May the women be long legged and the booty bold. --Dashing Derek (Rip Purr 14:26, 15 May 2006 (BST))

The Captain Sends His Congratulations

Cheers to the Mercenary's Guild for reaching 30 members, and for bringing cutthroat capitalistic mayhem to the island. It makes us purists who do it just for fun look shiftless by comparison. YAAHHRRGH!! Tyler Whitney 01:27, 13 October 2006 (UTC)

Another captain sending his; Well done on the holyhell thing! I lol-ed a hidious ammount. [[User:RobZombie|RobZombie}}

We thank you both. Although we purge our inactives occasionally, we're now the second largest clan on the island, with 16 active members. And the holyhell thing was El Satanno's idea, we're working on another right now. -The MaliceMG 21:23, 18 January 2007 (UTC)

A Gentleman's Wager

A sportsmanlike match has been proposed between a member of the Scurvy Crew and the Jolly Roger Gang to take place at the ruins well south of the shipwreck. All habitants of Shartak are invited to witness the match, and bet upon their favorite fighter. Natives who are at the wreck at the date of the match are guarenteed to be unharrassed by the participating clans and Outsiders. If needs be we'll postpone the fight a couple days to let the most people who want to join in the fun. Details will be posted on the Scurvy Crew's and whatever other pages agree to the match. It should be wicked fun. I mean, Come On! It's fight night!!!! Tyler Whitney 03:13, 8 November 2006 (UTC)


I have just made a list of all the groups operation in a certain city on the city articles. I could not find out where your group is based. Please add your group under the correct cities. -Che 05:36, 7 January 2007 (UTC)

The Raktam Security Consultancy

Just so you guys are clear, our bounties will be open to be claimed by members of the Mercenary's Guild as well as the general public.