Raktam Security Consultancy

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Raktam Security Consultancy|-style="background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center;" RSClogo.jpg
Leadership: Managed by Dave C
Members: Not Applicable
Goals: To connect people who kill people with people who want people killed, and are prepared to pay.
Recruitment policy: Pick a bounty and collect it.
Contact: Drop by the Raktam Tavern, or use e-mail.


Let's be honest, people get on your nerves. Sometimes you really wish you could just get rid of them, without doing any actual work, or getting any of the blame. That's when you need the Raktam Security Consultancy. For a standard fee of just 15gc, payable at any branch of the 1st Imperial Bank, your bounty gets added anonymously to our public list, and every bounty hunter on the island will be after them.

Why Choose Us?

-> 100% Confidential - even the killers will never know who they're killing for.
-> Public Bounty List - no more monopolistic 'assignment' of a bounty to a single hunter - now your target has everyone after them.
-> Always Available - been turned down because our competitors are 'busy'? The RSC is always here when you need us!

To Offer a Bounty

Contact us via e-mail or at the Raktam Tavern. Payment can be made at any branch of the 1st Imperial Bank and the standard fee is 15gc, although offering more will make your bounty more attractive to our hunters. Bounties will be added to the list within 24hrs. Once your bounty has been collected, we will inform you via email if possible.

To Claim a Bounty

All kills must be logged on the Shartak Underworld. The highest bounty on each person will be paid out first. In the unlikely event that a bounty is claimed twice (or more) before it is removed from the list, the RSC will pay all claimants from our own coffers.

A standard bounty pays out 10gc to the bounty hunter.

Bounties List

For further information on any target, click their name.


Nathan Hale - One bounty available, 20gc
Cashtart - One bounty available, 10gc.
Maevar Ralnik - One bounty available, 10gc
Michael Edwards - One bounty available, 10gc
Tyler Whitney - One bounty available, 10gc
Armadox the Butcher - One bounty available, 10gc
Marvin - One bounty available, 10gc
Bob Nowak - One bounty available, 10gc
FirstAmongstDaves - One bounty available, 10gc


Any member of the Jolly Roger Gang - Five bounties available, 10gc each
Any member of the Scurvy Crew of The Hell-born Strumpet - Five bounties available, 10gc each

Further Information


A roaming pirate, last seen in York.

Maevar Ralnik

Pirate and alleged owner of Dalpok, normally frequents the shipwreck and Dalpok. When in Dalpok, generally sleeps in the medical hut.

Michael Edwards

Leader of the Jolly Roger Gang, currently believed to be policing the wreck. When not on a raid, often found around the shipwreck. Pirate.

Tyler Whitney

Pirate. Leader of the Scurvy Crew. Current whereabouts unknown, often spends weeks aimlessly wandering the jungle.

Armadox the Butcher

Native. Famous Raktam-based PKer, does not currently sleep in Raktam but rarely strays far from the town unless lost. May currently be working on a mango plantation near Raktam.


Native. Based around Wiksik. Wanted for excessive serial killing.

Bob Nowak

Outsider, violent missionary type often found in native villages converting heathens into dead heathens. About to begin a 'crusade' in Wiksik.


Pirate, leader of the 1st Imperial Privateers Regiment, current location unknown.

Jolly Roger Gang

A group of pirates wanted for crimes against Dalpok. Currently mostly around the wreck.

the Scurvy Crew of The Hell-born Strumpet

A group of pirates wanted for crimes against Dalpok and Wiksik. No current clan project, probably to be found in large numbers around the shipwreck.

Nathan Hale

Leader of the Durham Nationalists, believed to never leave Durham. May be found restocking in the ammo hut.