Psychic Skills

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Unlike Spirit Skills, these skills are used for players to interact with spirits. The native Shaman has the greatest number of these skills, allowing them not only to identify passive spirits, but exorcise them from a square, summon them to a square, and manipulate them to scream and wail. The native Villager and the outsider Settler can only identify passive spirits. All these skills branch on this tree of skills.

Sixth sense

Sense presence of and hear spirits - Lets one know how many spirits are present, and lets one hear them when they speak.

Black Fang looked into the air of the seemingly empty clearing. "Yup, about four of you spirits following me eh?" A tiny shift in the wind was his only response.

Psychic recognition

Lets you recognize active spirits - When spirits wail in the same square, one can recognize their name (a name will be provided instead of nothing but the message a spirit wailed). Requires Sixth Sense to learn.

After a heavy stint of wailing, Ethir Wraithwain looked up at the sky, "Come on Algy, we all heard you the first time, go bother some other people, I'm trying to tend to my apples here!"