Native Only Skills

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Native Only Skills

Some skills are specific to only natives. The ones described in this page are available to the all Native Classes. To see class specific skills, use the following the links.


Take the heads of your victims as trophies or signpost decoration. - Requires Advanced Close Quarter Combat to learn. This ability can only be used on dead bodies. Using it will put a skull into your inventory, which can be used to add to signposts one creates, or sold to the trader located on Rakmogak. The number of skulls show up in one's inventory.

Skull Face chuckled as he looked at his recent kill. With practiced ease his notched machete came down in the specific spot, and the head separated from the body. "This one will look good on my mantle!" he said picking up the skull.

Outsider Knowledge

Natives gain basic outsider knowledge. - Allows a native to use First Aid Kits, Rifles, Rifle Bullets and GPS Units.

Perched on top of the sacred Mountain, Sofaking casually took a GPS unit from the recently fallen outsider. Looking at it's numbers he grins, finding the other outsiders trespassing on his mountain just got MUCH easier.

Natural Medicine

Heal 10 HP with healing herbs. - Requires Triage to learn.

Nihila hanged another herb on the ceiling of the medicine hut. The way she dries them ensures that the herbs will be more effective in healing the wounded or sick.

Basic Blowpipe Use

Lowers AP cost of firing blowpipe. - Instituted to offset the loading bullets into a rifle for the outsiders.

ClickClick inhaled slowly, building up the pressure in his lungs. He sighted his foe, Blackbeard, and breathed out in a practiced breath, the poison dart flying true, and striking the pirate in the back of the neck. The poison took hold quickly, numbed Blackbeard, and ClickClick stepped out of the brush to finish the grisly task.