Endurance Skills

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Like the name applies, all these skills help with the defense of a character by increasing their hit points, and by attacking with more damage than before. These skills are incredibly useful for new players. Cannibals and Pirates have class specific skills that branch off of this tree.

Body building

Increases melee damage - Increases the base damage of all melee weapons (and punching) by one damage. Does not effect the rifle or the blowpipe.

Grunk the Pale howled with glee as his massive arms drove the wooden club faster, and harder, into the outsider's head. Taking care not to completely pulverize the head, Grunk smiled as brains leaked out. They were his favorite.


Increases max HP by 20 - This skill will help one live longer than usual by increasing the number of hit points.

Keeping his breaths even and shallow, Swarm could keep running through the jungle for most of the day at this even pace. Unfortunately, the Wiksik headhunters were on his trail and he was going to have to speed it up if he planned on living for the day.