Dork Cup

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Scroll.PNG This is a historical article, describing a past event or events that occurred on Shartak.

Dork Cup Begins

With the highly entertaining Derby Derby coming to a close, the WickSick Headhunters turned their attention to the final settlement on the South Coast: York. Having already attacked Durham and Derby, the Headhunters confirmed they would be holding the final contest of their First Annual Winter Games in York.

The Participants

The Dork Cup's participants differed in several ways from the previous Winter Games. For the first time, pirates took part in offensive side of the Dork Cup, the Jolly Roger Gang and the 1st Imperial Privateers Regiment having sided with the defenders during the Durham Headhunt Contest. Pirates also defended Derby during the Derby Derby, but all pirates in that conflict were members of the Derbian clans. In contrast, the pirates participating in the Dork Cup were largely independents. No clans were officially involved. The Dork Cup participants numbered 22, by far the largest of any of the games.

The Opposition

Facing off against the contestants was the newly founded York Coalition. Partially resulting from the Colonial Police's near-collapse, the York Coalition drew together the 1st Colonial Militia, many former members of the respected CCTU, and former members of the Colonial Police. The York Coalition also was assisted by members of the Derby Hospitallers. There were persistent rumors that the apolitical clan 5punk lent its assistance as well, though the exact extent of their assistance is disputed.

The Contest

The Dork Cup was the bloodiest conflict in Shartak history with nearly 350 deaths. The headhunters inflicted 252 kills on the Yorkmen, while the defenders cost the headhunters 95 losses. In terms of "heads" taken, the Dork Cup was the most successful contest the headhunters ever had. The defenders took some comfort in the knowledge that they had inflicted higher casualties than any previous group of defenders. The York Coalition managed to stay together for the duration of the conflict, no small feat given York's fluid politics.

The winners of the Dork Cup were:

  • First place: Escariot - 29 heads taken
  • Second place: Lama - 27 heads taken
  • Third place: Nick Soapdish - 23 heads taken

The Effects

The Dork Cup marked a major change in York politics. The Colonial Police, long the leader in York's defense, was largely sidelined by questionable policies. Taking the CP's place, the fledgling York Coalition shouldered the burden instead. Afterward, foreign allies largely ceased discussions with the CP, implicitly recognizing the York Coalition's dominance, until the eventual demise of both York-based groups.

For their part, the WickSick Headhunters had a highly successful campaign, adding to their already fearsome reputation. Several new members joined the headhunters in the wake of the Dork Cup. As for the winner, Escariot is now 1500 gold coins richer, and the proud owner of a coveted heavy sword (until it breaks).