The Durham Tea Party

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The Durham Tea Party|-style="background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center;" Durham flag.jpg|-style="background-color: #c3ddc3; text-align: center;" In-game page
Leadership: Founded by Disgruntled Durhamites
Members: secret
Goals: To liberate Durham from outside influence and oppression.
Recruitment policy: The Durham Tea Party invites liberal freedom loving Durhamites to join.
Contact: Contact a member in-game


From the ashes of the highly regarded, but also widely yelled at, Durham Pistoleers rises The Durham Tea Party. A more hands on, less diplomatic approach to Durham. Keeping Durham free from outside influence and a nice to place to stay, with the use of tools like rifles, machetes and chucking tea into the sea.


The Durham Tea Party strongly oppose foreign control of Durham.

The Durham Tea Party is not in favor of strong government. Durhamites neither can nor should be controlled by leaders. We accept that a Govenor can be of use, but only one with limited power, and one elected in fair election.

The Durham Tea Party is against Durham joining The Commonwealth. Peace be with the towns and areas that has joined, it's just not for Durham.

The Durham Tea Party wows to fight against enemies of Durham.

The Durham Tea Party considers enemies of Durham legal targets, should they cross longitude -70.550, the official Durham Peninsula border.

  • The list of enemies currently counts members of The 1st Militia and a small number of hostile natives.


In the Durham spirit the orginasation of The Durham Tea Party is pretty loose. We are all individuals, and no one enjoys being told what to do all the time. We want the best for Durham, and all try to do our bit.

If you wish to join The Durham Tea Party and fight the good fight, please contact Dennis Kuijt in-game or on the official forum. The HQ is located here.

Durham Undesirables

As The Durham Tea Party steps up the vigilante action, the following people are now persona non grata in Durham:

Nick Soapdish

Marlo Bennas