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Neil Tathers

Neil hails from Raktam, though he no longer calls the village home.

Neil Tathers has a long, drawn out history. He became a hunter, following in his father's footsteps. Upon completion of his first lone tiger hunt, and returning home victorious, he found his family's hut marked in blood in the symbol of Armadox, a known killer in Raktam. Neil found only one of his family's heirlooms still in the hut, an ancient blowpipe called Hawk's Talon. After burying his deceased parents, Neil followed a lone hawk flying in the sky, which lead him to Blue Hummingbird, in which he then joined her court, and quickly became one of her top diplomatic advisers. He traveled to Durham, to negotiate peace before an all out war broke out between the two towns. Neil eventually spoke sense to Ron Burgundy and Blue Hummingbird, causing peaceful relations, in which a third party tried to sabotage. Neil saw through this trickery, and helped eradicate the Durham traitors.

Traveling back to Raktam, Neil received word that Derby was asking to talk with him. He arrived, and spoke with the Eatern Federation's leader, Javier Sortani, a pirate, and the two quickly became friends. They concluding their discussion with forming a trade agreements between the powerful Royal Court of Raktam and the Eastern Federation. Neil left Derby, though winning the Mr. Derby competition before hand.

This time, with his eyes set on Raktam and going home, he spotted a boar and tiger in a battle to the death. Arriving at the scene, he noticed that in fact they were not actual animals, simply carved rocks. A force urged him to dig, and when he did, he unearthed two kukri machetes, more weapons from his family's past Boar's Tusk and Tiger's Claw. They glowed with an inner blue light. And that is when Armadox struck. The two battled fiercely, ending with Neil winning the fight, and cutting off the murderer's head. As Armadox's blood pooled on the jungle's ground, Neil came upon the conclusion that violence begets more violence.

Raktam was not as peaceful as Neil had hoped. The New King, Sofaking, had left for a spiritual mission, and left the ambitious warmonger, Dappled Shadow in charge. Her relentless call for battle and false visions from the gods, poisoned the village of Raktam worse than anything Neil had seen before. He left the village, and Court behind forever. Later, hunting alligators in the swamp, Neil found the last of his missing ancestral weapons, a massive two handed sword called Bear's Roar.

Since this time Neil has traveled and tried to promote peace as much as he can, though he can see that the same thing that poisoned his village before, is now poisoning the entire island. Neil hopes that one day he feels comfortable enough on the island, to finally have a family of his own.

Physical Description

Neil Tathers is in top physical shape for a native in his late 20's. He carries a backpack, which is filled with various trinkets from his travels. His favorite is an outsider pipe given to him be Javier. In place of his former Royal Court of Raktam medallion, he now wears a White Lotus which never seems to wilt.

Grunk the Pale

A young, charasmatic cannibal, Grunk has taken leadership of the Collective and made them into a fierce force on the island. He skillfully uses his members strengths to make them a feared fighting force. Taking it upon himself to unearth hidden treasures of the island that belong to the Cannibals, he vows to bring back Cannibal culture and ways, taking them back from the brink of self destruction. For some reason, an elder looking tiger has taken to hanging out Grunk. Grunk allows it, as something has to eat the offal of his kills.

Physical Description

Grunk the Pale is an average cannibal, not too tall, not too muscular, the most unlikely of leaders, and that's how he likes it. He uses his intellect more than his brawn to solve problems and hunt prey. He is in his young 20's, and can easily run through the jungles all day is he wishes.