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Hello there. For those who don't know me. I am Zomtard, Outsider of the Island who originally came from a place known as Malton, before someone crashed the Zeppelin we were riding around on. However, that’s a different tale. Here in Shartak, I tend to hang out around New Haven, north of Durham, doing whatever the group decides to do. But enough about me. You’re here to learn about what I think is the right way to go about war in Shartak. Also, as a side note, this is my first wiki article ever, so you'll have to forgive the crappy layout. Also, of course, most importantly, giving credit where it is due. A special thank-you to Noahsan, for making the cover and signature stamp, and a thank you to Solemn, for proof reading over some of my terrible grammar.

What this page contains?

What I, Zomtard, believe is the correct way to go about fighting in Shartak. Not singular hunting or assassinations, but proper tactics for how to defend or maim a little piece of the island. That being said, the methods on this page could be used for most styles of fighting on the island. The page is divided into a few sections, for your benefit.

Who this page is not for?

Peace Lovers, Political Bigots and people who have yet to play the game. The first two can take their :palm: elsewhere. As for the newcomers, I suggest checking out the Newcomers Guide. Right, now that that is over, let’s get started, shall we?

Preparing For War

No one has ever won a battle without at least some preparation. This is probably the most vital step in battle. Preparation is something that should be done before you go assaulting another colony/group or you’re attacked yourself. So then. What do you need in order to be prepared? The following is what I believe to be the bare minimum to be prepared for most classes and their equipment load out.

A Soldier's preparation: 30-X loaded rifles, 20-25 First aid kits, 3 Machete's or Cutlass’s, Sharpening Stone, Charged GPS unit, X Gold.

But, why all this Zomtard? The answer is quite simple, lad. You are a Soldier, and you may as well be a villager without your rifle.

Rifle: Your main damage comes from the rifles at your side. You've got some of the best damage and hit ratios on the island with it, and why trouble yourself with reloading when you can simple carry several loaded guns in and have the same amount of storage as if you had just bought one rifle and several bullets? Also it save's the valuable resource in wartime known as AP.

Machete or Cutlass: This should be a man's standard. After all, why wouldn't you have one or three of these weapons? You’ve got all that jungle to cut through and, of course, your enemies when you run out of bullets or are hoping to save some on the scum who is hardly worth your time. Hell, maybe you just want to be fancy and show your swashbuckling skills.

Sharpening Stone: This should need no explanation. Your weapon should always be as sharp as your wits. It's no good to you dull and blunt, is it?

First Aid Kits: Also known as FAKS. Must I really explain this? Even if you’re not lucky enough to survive your enemy’s assault, there's plenty of Sharks and Tigers out there.

Gold: Well, who doesn't want to :censored word: the fact they have money around. We’ll actually cover its real use in a later topic.

GPS: I'll simply say this; you’re no good to us lost, are you?

A Warrior’s preparation: 1 Blow pipe, 50+ Poison Darts, 20-25 Healing Herbs, 3 Machete's or Cutlass’s, 1 Sharpening Stone, Charged GPS unit, X Gold.


Blowpipe: A Warrior is basically the Native’s equivalent to the Outsiders Soldiers. Except, you use a blowpipe and deal a bit of extra poison damage. Well la-dee-da. I shouldn't have to explain anything else here.

Poison Darts: Ha-ha, no explanation needed.

Every other class on the island: 1 Backpack, 3 machetes/Cutlass/Wooden Clubs, 1 Sharpening Stone, 30-X First aid Kits/Healing Herbs, Charged GPS unit, X gold. (Yes, this includes you pirates and cannibals already at each other in the back row)

Your kit is self-explanatory and has been explained already through other kits, so no, you don't get a rant dedicated to your class. Quit your belly aching.

The Extra Gear: X Heavy Swords, X Bottle/Gourd Fungi Juice, Knife/Dagger, 1 Backpack, 1 Shovel, X Driftwood.

These first initial two Items are for if you really have a lot of spare time on your hands.

Heavy Sword: Truly a weapon of singular destruction dealing 5 damage a hit and having the same hit ratio as a machete or cutlass. Truly a deadly weapon in anyone's hands. If you’re not like this man when using it, you're clearly not channelling enough Fighting Spirit into the blade.

Fungi Juice: It's for when you absolutely positively have to kill every :More censoring as to not offend young viewers and :even more censor:: in the room. This is the stuff of wonders. All that AP you spent searching and juicing or possibly buying. It all comes back here. I suggest reading the effects for Bottle/Gourd of Fungi Juice before use however. The juice is not for everyone.

Knife or Dagger: Let's be serious for a moment here. This is not a real fighting tool, it's a last resort and a propaganda writer. The most you'll ever really use this for is a humiliation kill or to write something on the wall. Preferably something humiliating or even a link to this article if you feel your enemy needs a hand. (Spoiler: They never should).

Backpack: What’s to explain? It's more inventory space. You love it.

Shovel: Will be covered later in this chapter. Also, for a humiliation kill.

Driftwood: What isn't this stuff good for? Making signs, making skull signs and of course, starting fires

Load out’s aside, what else can I do to prepare? A good question. Here are a few things often over looked.

Have a stash: That’s right, there's nothing on Shartak like an electrified, bonified STASH! What’d I say? You get the gist.

Anyway, having a stash does not mean have an alt to hold your spare items. I frown upon anyone who does this and you’re sure as hell not one of my pupils. No, a stash is normally a hole in the ground or several holes in the ground in a discreet and close by location, filled with items that you can get in bulk but may need to spring out at any time rather than acquiring them again from the store or X-hut. Remember, you should never have to bury gold since it doesn't take inventory space.

Remember where you buried it all. And try to keep it out of the way from where people wander. Don't want some filthy treasure hunter taking what’s not his. Also avoid marking your hole with a large X sign.

Know Your Community Often over looked by everyone but clan leaders - and even then they suck at the job, the forums are a great place to keep up with recent events and who's defending or assaulting your piece of the island. Better yet, who looks like they’re about to? Another thing that comes under this: joining your community. Too many of you seem to be without clan or family in this game. Sure you can go stab the odd random who you think deserves it, but I personally think the games a lot more fun when you’re with a group. Also, if you’re a group leader out there. Try doing some damn recruiting for a change or making some allies. Too many of this one clan verse another. There's a few of you out there with similar goals to at least hold a temporary alliance, but that’s for another guide.

On The Defense

So there you were, laid back, smoking a fine cigar by the fire, drinking some tasty berry wine, when suddenly. YOU’RE ATTACKED! This section is what to do when you’re on On the Defense.

Surprised Attacked Good heavens, that kill came from nowhere, and there sure as hell seems to be a lot more of you dead than some random coming in and deciding you were the finest target to poke his blade through. Remember that lovely preparation you did, yes? Good. It all comes together now.

Step 1: Find out just who the hell is attacking you. Step 2: Proceed to the steps listed in. Defending.

Defending Alright then. The fun is starting now. I hope you followed most of the preparation, because it all comes in handy here. So, by now you hopefully know who is attacking your little piece of the island. If not, I suggest you go see your local, King/Queen/Tyrant/Ruler/Mayor/Sheriff/Clan Leader etc. AKA the man in charge, because you don't got a chance in Hell without the help of others. Co-ordination is your best defense, other than slaying your enemy. So then, lets lay this out in steps for you.

1. Confirm who is attacking you. 2. Organize some co-ordination within your community. 3. Use what you've learnt in this chapter. 4. Slay your enemy and repeat all four steps until the job is over.

Defense Tactics Right then gather round chaps. This is probably what you really came here to read. The defense tactics. By now you should be in the thick of slaughter with more enemies then you can poke your machete at. But how to keep the hoard at bay? How to stay alive? All these questions and more to be answered right now.

Thinning the hoarde: Unlike certain other favorable war zones your enemies don't tend to get bored when you lock the door or put a bullet in there head. They will keep coming at you sending wave after wave of men at you until one side reaches a kill limit. Obviously this is not good for you. So how to slow the progression and encourage them to clear off? By killing your local roaming shaman of course. In the art of defense your local roaming shaman is your greatest enemy. Reviving the very people pillaging and plundering your town. The nerve. This man or woman is a menace and is to be located and killed as quickly as possible when on the defense. He's a tough :beep beep I'm a jeep: to take down though. That’s where co-ordination with your allies comes in. It will take at least two to four of you to take him down efficiently. But the more this is done however. The longer it will take your enemy to march back. This is a good thing despite popular belief. So then remember the steps.

1. Find your local roaming shaman (do not confuse with your village shaman) 2. Kill him. Repeat these two steps until the day is won.

Hunting: I really shouldn't have to cover this. Search in the places you would hide, search in the places you wouldn't hide. Mark your targets and use that wonderful tracking skill. Go one step further. Use co-ordination against them.

Making someone else do the work: That’s right. I count this to be a legitimate strategy. This does not mean sit back and relax. If I don't hear those rifle's singing and those blades swinging your failing everything I may of taught you. Remember that gold you were hoarding? Now's the time to spend it. Need some supplies. Someone if not the trader will have them for your coin. Need the shaman assassinated? Believe it or not there are mercenary who will do almost anything. Need some more arms on your side. Again Mercenaries will assist you for a price. Check the forums, There usually all listed under the clan section.

On the Assault

So there you were. One day simply sitting around the fire, drinking some brandy and smoking a fine cigar and the head honcho burst in the room and decides it would be jolly good of you all to go attack some random. Naturally you agree. This is the section for what to do when you’re the group attacking the rift-raft down the street.

Things before you start: Well first off there's getting to the damn place. Once you've done that, it's good to know the area. Hope you brought your GPS, if not you failed the preparation step. So then you just trekked your way from wherever. There are a few things to keep in mind before starting. CO-ORDINATION. I cannot stress this enough. Don't start the slaughter unless all of you are ready for the slaughter. Next on the agenda. Having full AP. I really don't have to explain this one. Final thing. Be close by to the target or at least out of sight. Then again if your head loon didn't announce you guys were coming to town, hiding in plain sight may be your best option. Probably not a good idea to stay on the same tile though.

Choosing your targets: Because apparently some people have trouble with this. Now then. If you’re any bit of a respectable warrior I'll ask you follow my one golden rule. Do not go after anyone under level 4, UNLESS you are sure they are not a new player and are actually a fierce competitor. Otherwise you’re merely stroking yourself because you got an easy kill. Shame on you.

Now then. In the early stages of the assault targets should be fairly easy to find. Just look in the usual hot spots of supply huts and notable buildings such as clubs, like Club Palermo or flavor buildings like the Royal court of Raktam.

Moving into the later stages were your enemy is no doubt well aware of you however. Any good defender or target worth actually killing probably won't be in a supply hut less there low on supplies themselves. No, chances are a good defender will be following the tips in the next chapter How to stay alive. If not however chances are instinct will still lead them to the deep water fairly close to their town or deep jungle around town. If you’re still having no luck I would search around the local roamer of the area. This brings us to the next topic.

Killing smart: Sure you can kill any old git to increase your score. But who are the real tacticians among you? Why your other fighters are off slaughtering I would recommend you use that wonderful thing known as COORDINATION to form a smaller hunting party away from the place your attacking and search for your local roaming shaman. Chances are if the defending party is being smart, they'll try and stop how close you spawn when a member of your team dies. It's this team’s job to assassinate that party and keep a tab on the local. Even if you simply heal him or know his location you can help a great deal, providing you keep your assault party updated on his happenings. Otherwise you may find your team half way back across the island rather than close by to the target.

What not to do: Some things are obvious. Do not sleep in resource huts; do not kill the roaming shaman etc. But getting right down to it there is a small list on what not to do.

Killing the town shaman is a big no no. It cost them 25ap to get a revive at the shaman if it's your home town then 1 or 6 to stand up. Then what? They're simply back in town with more AP then what it took you to kill him. Also if you keep it up you'll run out of targets to kill in town. The only time I would recommend even considering killing the local shaman is if your war party is so big that members will find themselves lacking targets and bored if they don't kill him. In which case I congratulate you for what is a successful beating to the defending party.

Taunting before you make the kill. Don't get me wrong. I encourage the role play, the thrill of the hunt and the taunting of a foe. However there's also the art of not looking like an ass. Make sure you can kill your target before taunting them on how you just cut them a new one.

Do not kill low levels. Sure this is just my sporting rule for a good game, but I'll say it again. What the point in stroking yourself over an easy kill, unless you can prove they're a threat.

Things to assist your assault: That’s right there is more you can do other than killing and writing on the walls of huts on how much more superior you are to your opponent. Here’s the list.

Draining their resources. A firm tactic and one that helps you obviously. If you've got some AP to spare or are even running low on supplies go to the local traders hut and buy anything of worth he may have. This will stop your opponents from picking up an easy restock.

Looking where you walk. That’s right looking where your going is actually important. Always taking the same path into town? Mix it up a little. This will stop trackers from easily tracking you and your team mates. The more foot prints all over the place the harder a single target is to track. The other advantage of actually looking where you walk is the odd chance you may find someone else’s stash. Just look for the sign or soil.

Hiring mercenaries. Because what good isn't an extra set of hands or eyes. There's plenty on the island, each with their own set of rules. Get some to assist you in the killing or perhaps just finding where targets are for you.

How to stay alive

You may be a little new to this. I understand. There are no more barricades to hide behind now and you don't want to use River Tactics. Good man for staying for the fight. So then. You just killed the ignorant solly who thought it was great idea to come pay your town/hideout a visit. But where to now? You only have a few AP left, just enough to get away hopefully. A smart assault party will mark you and your last known location and hunt you down like the dog you now are. What can I use for good cover? Here are a few good hiding places.

Deep jungle: Not that stuff by the highway but jungle close by to where your defending but deep enough to hide your tracks. Not always the safest place but it should work for a little while.

Deep Water: I hope you maggots can swim, because meet your new best friend. They may track you to the beaches but can they track the direction you swam in? Hell no. They would need an elite team of marine biologist to do so and even then I don't know how they could? The other benefits of Deep water are sharks. SHARKS!? Yes that's right sharks. Why these predators of the sea may take a nip at you once in a while, they will also enjoy the taste of your enemies. The more you move with a shark bite the more damage you will take. If they are trying to kill you and left there first aid kit at home, they have just screwed themselves for messing with the well prepared. I personally have been saved by this several times. Just remember to patch yourself up if you get a nip.

Burning Jungle: I bet this is new to some you sissies. Clearly you never heard of the purity of fire. This magnificent tile deals 5 damage for every action in it. So what’s a more perfect place if you’re just going to spend the night resting? There is none of course, your there. You may get burnt once or twice going in, but you can easily patch yourself up. Any enemy trying to attack you is foolishly wasting his life and form of first aid in doing so.

Random Huts: That’s right. Random huts. Sure there's no danger to them, but nobody even bothers to check these unless there running low on targets.

Foot prints: A good tracker can find you in the end with the skill and luck. However there are ways to allude the hunter as well. As discussed in On the Assault, Moving around in random patterns and possibly zig zagging can lead to multiple foot prints of yourself for a hunter to track. By making a confusing trail, chances are you could lose the devil before he has the AP to properly track you down and kill you.

Other methods of alluding the hunter is by using the water to your advantage. Moving out to a single water tile and going for a short swim to a patch of land near by will is an effective method of moving without leaving a trace. They may track you to the shore line where you first went to touch the water, but unless there looking like a mad man, there not going to find your fresh prints when you touch the shore line a few tiles away.

Tactics and Operation's

I plan to keep adding to this as I think of more ways to stay alive and effectively accomplish something.

Operation: Tactical Blaze: This is quite a simple and can be used on the assault or defense however it's probably better for the defending party. The idea is to set fire to the jungles, without letting it burn off an entire area or economy less you want to. No the main point of this is so you can stay close to the target village and alive, without losing all possible escape or jungle to hide in.

Step 1. Find a nice patch of jungle you like and clear the jungle so that the outside of the area forms a square or other imaginative shape.

step 2. Cut some columns into that nice shape of yours. This will not only add to the colourful tapestry but allow you to make scouting walk ways.

Step 3. Set fire to each column. You may notice if you've done this right you should have a clear visible not on fire corridor to waltz through and a few patches of fire to hide in. Well done you've farmed your fire thus causing a tactical blaze.

Personally my own Tactical blazes tend to looks something along the lines of:





- = Clear cut jungle aka 0 density jungle. X = Where you should have a raging fire.

So let’s get down to the theory behind this. What are the benefits of it all? Well for starts were not killing off the whole damn area. That could be a con or pro depending on what view point you like. So how about a real pro?


1. it’s a blazing fire. Simply stand in this and laugh as your enemy try's to cut you why merely igniting himself before he can really deal any damage to you.

2. You have a patrol corridor. This lets you walk in and out of the blaze without further catching fire yourself and should your enemy try use this tactic against you once you've set it up, Just take a waltz up your corridor, find him and bring out the liquids I know all of you drunks (Suppose I can really only point at the Palermo and misfits regulars) stockpile, put out the said tile and murder him/her.

3. it’s totally baiting your enemy if they haven't read this.

4. Think of the after effect as a nice little economy booster, plenty of free land for tree planting now.

5. Gosh it will look like you’re doing something if you prepare this before any threat of invasion. Remember you can dig holes to ensure the corridor doesn't get grown over.


1. Once the tactic is well known, this will be the first place they look.

2. Fire's go out. Whether it is through time or people intervening. There's no way of telling how long before your fire's gone. I recommend not lighting your entire tactical blaze set up at once but in pieces. That’s the corridor is there to help you with anyway.

3. Not the best defense to set up less your town is well traversed in fire fighting, when your foe hides in the blaze as well.

4. Not exactly the most effective thing to set up when the battle's already on its way.

And there you have it folks, The Tactical Blaze. Great if you've prepared it. Terrible if your enemy has prepared for it as well.

Rules of engagement

Now then. I understand some of you would like to lay into each other constantly however lets be a bit sporting about this shall we. This may not help you too much however perhaps it will inspire some of you out there. This section is more about the theory on how to go about a battle or war and the rules one should engage such a bout in.

Real time combat: I thought I should cover this first before going on about any rules. So you’re in real time combat, the mostly deadliest combat of them all unless played smartly. Sure you could both go about beating each other senseless, however chances are you won't come out on top this way 50% of the time. Let’s think about this logically for a moment, shall we? The fellow currently attacking me is dealing perhaps 3 or 5 damage per AP to me. I can heal between 5 and 10hp per one ap. wearing your targets AP down will make for an easy kill if you’re paying attention. Every 10 hp or so they deal to you. That’s the time you should start healing yourself. This way you have ensured that there efforts are for naught and are free to laugh in there face. The trick is that once your opponent has caught onto this, they will either run away leaving you free to track them or stop attacking you and sit there. This is the trickiest part. There waiting for you to move or attack so they can to can wear you AP down. Keep focused and hit that refresh button. Keep mindful or the IP limit though. Once you’re sure enough time has passed and they too are no longer staring you down. Continue your assault and feel good knowing you won the day.

The pre-set kill limit: "Knowing that the kill bots had a pre-set kill limit, I sent wave after wave of my own men at them". That’s right ladies and gents. Sometime the war has to end, whether you’re the winner or loser. If both parties are fine with it, I would like to suggest a kill limit be made. The first side to make the set limit is declared the victor. So shut up and hand over what was promised DAMMIT!

Objective/'s: Why not actually fight over something worthwhile? Let’s say I've hidden sometime around some place. Every kill you make will unlock a new clue as to where the hell it is. Keep in mind though; the other team simply needs to reach a kill limit on your side to tell you to clear off. Or for one that would probably need simons help. Destruction of a building. The building shall have more hp then your average adult kraken. It won't deal damage but will be set up in the location of the defending parties choice. To make it easy to code the building would probably have to be a monster not it's own sprite. Should the building still be standing after the designated time limit. The defending party wins. If not, victory to the assaulting party.

Assassinate: I'll be honest, I can't see this being used that often. So let’s spice it up. Each team has several targets to be killed in a certain order. All targets must be on the playing field and not cowering away with River tactics.

Real time bonanza: For when you don't have time to have a real war. Everyone is organised on a single tile. Then when the clock strike's a new hour. It's time for a real time shoot out or sword fight.

The extra things to note

Well for starts. If you or your allies name is hidden, don't give it away. Make yourself a target that way.

Why fire may be good. Out of respect for most the island, try to avoid setting grass tiles on fire.

Don't get distracted. If you have a target or goal don't waste time with any other thing they may show itself, less it be of higher priority.

Alt abuse and forum spying. It is bad and you should feel bad.

Have a little class. In your kill, escape and death.

Zomtard. I happen to find this page to be quite a jolly good read and most entertaining and resourceful. However can I repay you.

Well now I'm flattered. You could always toss a few coins my way I suppose. Maybe not kill me next time you find me. Or better yet put my soon to be made template in your forum profile saying that I read Zomtard's Art of War and so should you.

Happy War times Fellow Islanders. Pip pip.

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Verision number and updates

Currently on version 1.1

- 1.0 Book just got made didn't it?
- 1.1 Several Grammatical errors fixed. Credit to Kataara.
- 1.2 More tactics added. --Zomtard 17:39, 21 October 2010 (UTC)