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Various items are scattered on the island and can be carried in a player's inventory. All items can be found by searching in the appropriate places; some tend to be found more in huts and villages, while others are more likely to be found in the jungle. All items can be bartered with at the trading huts with what the traders have in stock.

A majority of items can be used by simply clicking on the item itself. If an item cannot be used in this manner, it will give one a short description on the item itself. This page consists of links that will give an in-depth description on the items available in each of these categories.

  • Charms - Description of the charms and what they may do.
  • Conch Shell - The elusive conch shell is described here.
  • Custom Hut Items - Items that can be found in specific Customized Huts
  • Drinkable Items - Items that are drinks. These include regular drinks like water, juiced drinks made form fruit, and brewed beers.
  • Fruits - An explanation on fruit on the island.
  • Gambling Items - Some items allow one to gamble. This is those.
  • Healing Items - Shows where to find the best healing items and what they do.
  • Melee Weapons - These items are used for fighting with hand to hand weapons. It includes the machete, dagger, and other weapons like it.
  • Miscellaneous Items - Lots of items cannot be grouped in one category or another. This is a page for those.
  • Navigation Items - This includes maps to each city and settlement.
  • Ranged Weapons - This page describes the use of ranged weapons and their ammunition.
  • Treasure Maps - Description of Treasure maps, what they can offer, and how to utilize them.