Conch Shell

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The Conch Shell is an extremely rare Item. The shell itself can only be found on a beach tile, and only one exists at a time. The person who holds the conch shell will be shown holding it to everyone who stands on their same square as them (the players name would have the words (holding the conch shell) after the name). If the holder of the conch shell is killed, the conch shell will drop to the ground and be able to be picked up by anyone.

Blowing the conch shell costs 10AP, and results in any number of XP points depending on who actually hears it. It is theorized that the more people that hear the conch shell, the more XP points the blower receives.

The conch shell can be sold at the traders for 100 gold coins, the highest amount any item can be sold for. Once sold at the traders, the conch shell will reappear at a random beach tile.

NOTE: Following allegations of in-game abuse and XP-farming, the mechanics were altered so that the conch shell cannot be given to another character.