Wiksik PKers/War Against The Necromancers

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Historical Analysis

In November 2007 The Necromancers Guild claimed the Wiksik healers' hut for their base of operations and renamed it the spirit hut. The Necromancers declared the use of Exorcism within this hut to be a crime. They instituted a policy of killing those natives who practiced exorcism in opposition to the Necromancers' ideals. This policy caused much distress amongst the natives of Wiksik as the unaffiliated shamen were opposed to violence and were loathe to strike out against fellow natives.

On the evening of 08th January 2008 a warrior native (Black Fang) was killed in the healers' hut by a Necromancer (the notorious PKer ziggyirked) for the alleged "crime" of headhunting an outsider. In spite of Necromancer denials that this killing was not in support of one of their policies, this incident was the spark that ignited Shartak's first full-blown native vs native conflict. On one side was the Necromancers. On the other were natives killed as a consequence of Necromancer policies and those who felt that natives should be free from such rules. The result was a bitter civil war in Wiksik with otherwise peaceful natives taking the opportunity to settle scores in the traditional manner. For 11 days brother native killed brother native, bodies piled high and the huts of Wiksik were stained red with blood.

On the evening of 20th January 2008 a fragile peace was established. The Necromancers conceded that their policies and killings were wrong, apologised to those they had killed and claimed an empty hut at the S extremity of Wiksik as their own. The Wiksik natives reclaimed the healers' hut. All Wiksiks were once again free to live as they pleased.

The Combatants

Wiksik Natives

Necromancers Guild

Black Fang Etherdrifter
Wicksickness Bruce Lee
Rancor Pigskin animejunkie01
Outter Bhaal
Um Bongo Vortex
Daigo Smash ziggyirked
Iwashere Big Kahuuna
Frodor DeathToTheNormals
Goodaids Eric
Woo Elephant Yeah Squatch
Neil Tathers Cheesesteak