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Current Suggestion: Evolution The many Island of Shartak have been the source of some of the most heated conflicts seen to date; however, such islands truly offer nothing more then a secluded patch of beach and jungle. To make these Island more desirable, I think new animals or stronger animals should be confined to these Islands. When Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands, he noticed that the species he found evolved separately from creatures on the mainland. The same should be true with Shartak. Possible new animals:

  • Gorillas - stronger than a monkey, hit harder
  • Rhinos - less HP than elephants, but more aggressive and hit harder
  • SNAKES! - Venomous Bite! (I know there are already snakes in the grasslands, but they're not attackable)

OR: Exotic Animals Never Before Seen By Man!

  • Ogopogo - like the Squid, but confined specifically to the waters around the Island; could possibly give special power/stat increase when successfully killed
  • Dragon - Travels between all Islands; hits extremely hard, but flies to adjacent squares after hits; impossible to heal.
  • Big foot - from adjacent squares, it is seen as "An Outsider" but once on the same square, he appears as Big Foot. Same stats as outsider, with more HP.


You're interested in exorcism and demonic possessions, you say? Good! Give me feedback! Pretty please?--Wifey 04:01, 15 May 2006 (BST)

Your incendiary comments in the Yorkman are not appreciated. Especially given the context of the skirmishes between the two clans in question, the lack of a response to my attempt to mediate the conflict, and the growing evidence that it was the Royal Expedition that began hostilities. Both sides are at least making public declarations of a desire to reconcile, but these comments suggest an internal desire within the RE for a conflict. I'd like a response that detailed the Royal Expedition's actual position rather than a constant exhange of aggressive posturing between individual members of the two sides.

Also, I fail to see a declaration of war in any of Mr. Dan's comments. It is highly doubtful his call to such action would be recognised by the crew in any case. Captain Dan is a member of the senior crew but we have no real hierarchy once you get below the captaincy and he's just one of the most active members. His short-sighted boasting of the crew's numbers and that we'd win a conflict in any case was undiplomatic at the least but hardly a declaration of war.

And yeah, I know this is overly formal bullshit, but I'm having fun with the inter-clan relations. You never get to negotiate with the Natives. It's always "There they are! Let's Git-em!!" Respond on my talk page or wherever. Tyler Whitney 02:01, 7 September 2006 (UTC)

Check out the comments I made on the RE discussion page. It has all my thoughts on the interpretation of the New Tortuga declaration as a hostile act and the conditions you offered while Captain Dan was acting as my proxy (by necessity). Maybe now we can get down to the issue at hand. My complaint is that no attempt was made to contact us with your grievance, and the first I learned anyone might have a problem was when a member of the RE pked me. There's supposed to be that extra step between pirates and outsiders that there isn't with the natives. New Tortuga was really just meant to have a bit of fun with the game rather than moving from raid to raid. The whole "Outsider Civil War" deal might come to a head later (especially due to the Order of Patriots and Pirate Hunters) but I don't see the need for this to be the issue and these two clans to be the significant parties. Those two sets of jackasses I mentioned above (the Order and the Hunters) on the other hand... That might become a different story. Tyler Whitney 03:16, 7 September 2006 (UTC)