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Re: Mapping

Greetings! :)

First, apologies for not replying sooner; I've just now received your e-mail. (My user talk page will be a better place to contact me than e-mailing the toss-away account that I signed up for Shartak with. If you must contact me privately, e-mail is welcome, but you'd need to send my talk page a little note so I'll know to check my e-mail.) Anyway, I think that's some nice work you've been contributing to the individual village pages. And I've read with interest your thoughts about mapping on your user page. I'm interested in creating a more central page for open discussion of the various cartography projects, which could then in turn be linked to, for example, from each village's map. I think I'll do that now, actually... --Berry 11:34, 7 March 2006 (GMT)

Your script Shartak Jungle Density Viewer is great, I had been thinking that my little version should one day become precisely what you have done, I simply haven't been able to devote the time! .. thanks for coding it! -- fitzcarraldo|T 23:23, 11 March 2006 (GMT)