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Oh fuck... I think I made a BIG FUCK UP :|

Clanbox template?

If you mean you broke the clanbox template, don't worry.. it's been fixed. --Simon 10:10, 23 December 2006 (UTC)

I O U - a shitload.

I owe you about 100 gold for the new pages! I think 15 was the minimum amount i was going to pay you, but you've realy risen to the challenge. so i'm giving you 100gc, and some kind of bigass promotion - job well done Cthulhu. Ofcourse, i dont actualy have 100 gold, i have about 40 which i need to give to the others for i'll give you 10 when i see you next and keep paying it to you when i have the cash and cross of my debt here. - RobZombie GOLD OWED: 80 (just remembered i hadn't updated here since i gave you 20 ages ago)

  • That's cool :) Cthulhu
  • Not tryin' to con you or anything - i often say something about the wiki or forum and then do it a week later when something reminds me.
  • I trust you, so dont worry dude. Cthulhu


Hi there, wondered where you had gone. Sadly the guild is not very organised at the moment, most of my time is spent arguing in favour of the guild in the hut itself and I have yet to find anyone willing to take up some of the guilds running. The main reason for people to oppose the guild is our policy on exorcism. There is now a death penalty in place for any such practise in the hut. However the hut itself was established by a fair vote and no-one can argue about that. Though I could say a few names *cough*Um Bongo*cough*Ezekiel Jones*cough* that still oppose us against the popular vote. One has even gone so far as to set up a guild in the hopes of wiping us out. Though there is some good news, we think we have found a way to protect against wailing. A few members are perusing this option in the hope of extending this protection to hut residents who do not wish to take part in our rituals. Oh and hopefully I'll be setting up a forum, I'll put a link onto the guild wiki page.--Etherdrifter 17:16, 11 January 2008 (UTC)